Meet Cycle: Wk 8- Squats, Deadlifts

Warm Up


Squats, belt, wrist wraps: 350×1, 370×1, 385×1

Pause Squats, belt: 295x3x2

Conventional Deadlift, belt: 430×1, 455×1, 475×1, 385×3

Calf Raises: 2×25

Seated Leg Curls: 2×25

Leg Ext: 2×25

Paused Ab Wheel: 3×10

45* Back Ext: 10x12x3

Fat Grip DB Static Holds: 100x30s x2, 100x20s

– At another gym due to the holidays

– Felt strong today. I always feel stronger away from my normal gym. It is odd.

– Have videos but no WiFi so I don’t think I’ll get them up


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