The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review



Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 90%– 7.5/10

Audience: 93%– 8.8/10

Shadow’s Rating: 4/10 — Slightly better than the first, just not my cup of tea. The fact that this has a 90% on RT is fucking laughable.

Mrs. Shadow’s Rating: 8/10- She though it was better than the first one as well.


Plot in a Nut Shell… Katniss pissed off a lot of people, important powerful people. And fights the power. REVOLUTION!!


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– My wife wanted to see this. I wanted to see Desolation of Smaug. She never asks to see movies so she won lol.

– Right off the bat, this movie is better than the first one. More intense, ‘bigger,’ better special effects,  and a lot less shaky cam. Still doesn’t mean I like the movie, but it is better than the first one.

– I find Jennifer Lawrence acting very… wooden. I don’t really understand the appeal. There doesn’t seem to be anything special about her. In fact, most of the acting in this film is “meh.” And whoever plays Petya or however you spell his dumb name sucks.

– The cheesy announcer/host guy was my wife’s favorite part of the movie. And he was so over the top that it was funny.

– The movie is ridiculously predictable. They foreshadow things WAY to heavily, like the audience is a bunch of idiots or something.

– The actual Hunger Games is a small bit of the film. Most of it focuses on the uprising in the districts. So, it gives it a different feel than the first one. The actual Hunger Games is once again a disappointment for hardcore action guys like me, but at least there was no shaky cam.

– I guess I just don’t get what is so special about this movie. It’s plot, “the rich and powerful government and people piss on the poor and hold deathmatch fights to keep them entertained and in line” isn’t exactly original or breathtaking. And there is nothing visually that is like “OMG!!” and the acting isn’t “OMG” so… eh?


Spoilery Thoughts After the Jump…

– That ending… wut. First off, holy cliff hanger Batman. Second… what happened if Katniss didn’t channel her inner Thor and shoot a lightning bolt arrow at the dome at the exact right time without dying? I mean shit, electricity moves pretty damn fast… by the time it hit the tree she would have been krispy lol. Hell of a coincidence.

– I wonder how much Thor’s brother got paid to be in this movie a 5 minutes. And last movie 5 minutes.


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