Meet Cycle: Wk 9- Bench Press (Opener-ish)

Warm Up


Paused Bench Press, wraps, belt: 275×1, 300x2x2

Paused Close Grip Bench Press, wraps: 265×3, 265×2

Paused Sling Shot Bench Press, wraps, belt: 335x2x2, 335×1 (foot slipped so didn’t go for 2)

30* Incline DB Bench Press, 2min rest: 100×7, 80×12

DB Skulls: 35×10, 25×15

EZ Bar Curls: 2×20

One Arm Inverse Cable Ext: 1×25

One Arm Inverse Cable Curls: 1×25

Plate Pinches: 25-5x30s x3


Rower: 10 mins

Bike: 10 mins


– Expected the worst today but was pleasantly surprised to still hit the numbers I was programmed to hit without any super grinding.

– I never bench heavy after squatting because I am just all around tight as shit plus my back was already bothering me but, other than being uncomfortable, it went up fine. Plus, my shoulder was bugging me a bit due to sleeping on the floor last night (baby had nightmares or something) but it didn’t hurt to lift.

– I am not very happy with my pause though… if this was a USAPL meet I would be concerned about it…

– Can’t complain about bench… just keeps chugging along feeling solid every week. Next week will be a bear though (310 or 315 for 2×2)


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