A Ton of X-Men: Days of Future Past Designs Revealed

The Boring: Havoc, Toad, Stryker, Trask, Mystique, Beast, Storm, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Colossus

– Nothing really changed with any of these designs or they aren’t worth copy and pasting. The only thing to really note is holy shit their are a lot of mutants in the movie and holy shit they are going to be on screen for 2 seconds each. Basically, we know the “main” mutants are Wolverine, Magneto, Xavier, Mystique with a little bit of Beast, Kitty Pryde, Trask, and Sentinels mixed in. Plus future and past versions of both. Doesn’t leave a lot of time to see Toad do anything worth a shit or get into Colossus mind.

The Bad:

Quicksilver– Oh god what a horrible design. Seriously what the fuck is this shit? And he is way to old to be Magneto’s sun… are they really not taking advantage of that fact just so they can throw him in the movie for 2 minutes?


The Good: Sentinel, Young Magneto, Warpath, Sunspot, Blink, Bishop

– Pretty cool designs. Really like Young Magneto’s new suit and helmet. I am warming up to the Sentinel design.







The “Huh?”

Young Xavier- Umm… how is he walking?


Wolverine- So we have bone claw Wolverine… is that the future or past version? And then future Wolverine has adamantium claws again? Huh? Is this a differnet timeline or does Magneto just put it back or what?


Future Magneto- How depleted are his powers thanks to the cure.


Future Xavier- I realize he “transferred his consciousness” at the end of Last Stand but how did he get his Phoenix-disintegrated body back?


Sentinel X- Is that supposed to be their version of Nimrod? Looks… interesting.

sentinel future


2014 Raw Record Breakers Meet Report

Got to the meet venue super early because I am scarred to death at showing up late to things. Body felt pretty good… no real aches and pains and nothing to slow me down.


Squats: warm up to 335-ish which felt ok.

390- Good– Felt a bit heavy on my back but went up solid and I was in the meet. Solid opener and felt good about my next attempt.

425- Good– 5lb Meet PR- My only PR of the day. Felt easier than the 420 I hit in the gym that is for sure. At this point, I was pretty happy and thought I might have 10 lbs more in me if the lift goes perfect.

435- Miss– Couldn’t get past sticking point. It was actually much closer than it looked in the video. Once I break that point I am usually golden and I was close. Solid third attempt and have no regrets on my attempt selection on squats.


– I was feeling really good at this point. Squeezed out a 5lb PR on squats and I was heading to the one lift that went well they entire 12 week training cycle and the one lift I had a lot of confidence in.


Bench Press: warm up to 250-ish and felt great.

295- Good– Felt pretty good. The bench felt so odd because it was SOLID and sticky (aka it didn’t suck like the benches I am used to). It was odd getting a press command from someone and not doing it in my head. But, felt good enough to make the jump to something I just hit at the gym.

325- Miss-Crap. Came off the chest and slammed to a halt. Not. Even. Close. Felt fine in my hands and on my chest but there was just nothing there. Pretty bummed at this point but I still had one more chance.

325- Miss– Gripped the bar extra tight, got set up extra tight, and it was closer than the first but still… nothing there. Really bummed at this point. Lost out on a PR total on the one lift I was 100% confident in.


– At this point I was “blah.” What was weird was everyone in my flight did the exact same thing it seemed like. Good opener and nothing for the second and third attempts. Even Whitney said, “everyone was missing.” Then the meet seemed to drag (just seem… we started at 9AM and were done around 1:30… fast meet).


Deadlift: warm up to 425 ish. Felt heavy but deadlifting always feels heavy. Doesn’t mean anything.

475- Good– On the board with a total. Everyone seemed to wake up once deadlifting started. Decided to jump to 505, which is a PR for conventional at a meet (take what I can get at this point)

505- Good– Hard but not crazy hard. Was perfectly content at this point. Not sure where to go from here because I had no goals to shoot for. PR total was out. PR deadlift (would be 530) was not going to happen. So I just went 515 as I thought it was something I could get with some effort.

515- Good-Hella grind but I got it. Most I have pulled conventional in years. My form actually felt pretty good and if I didn’t fear my back exploding I would probably never switch back to sumo. But anyway, deadlifts seem to be a complete 180 to bench press for everyone as everyone was pulling 3rd attempts out of their ass and grinding them up.


Total- 1235- 3rd Place– Solid but disappointing day and not what I hoped for of course.

Here is the video from the meet:


– Also want thank Spero and the dudes at Raw United for putting on another great meet. Anyone who is in Florida and doesn’t do a meet with them is crazy. They are very lifter friendly, stick to the rules of performance on the lifts, affordable ($10 yearly fee + $30 for the meet if you get the certificate plus you get a free t-shirt), and are just all around good people.

– Lots of things to work on, but that is for another post. Back in the gym Saturday.

Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2014

Honorable Mention:

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction– I really have no idea where this story goes but at its worse, there will be robot fights, Optimus Prime, Dinobots, and no little annoying cunt bag. Really needs a trailer to get me excited.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles– I really don’t trust Michael Bay here. Like at all. There are no explosions to be had… what use will he be? Withotu a trailer, I can’t get too excited about this.

Expendables 3– This JUST missed the cut. Just barely. Expendables was meh. Expendables 2 was awesome. This one adds Wesley Snipes! and a jacked Mel Gibson. Can it recapture the magic of 2 or has this ship sailed?

And here we go into the top 10…


#10- Hercules: The Thracian Wars

– I am going out on a limb here due to the fact I haven’t seen a trailer. But, the little bit of information I have read has me excited that The Rock can bring a real Hercules to the stage. I am intrigued enough that it sneaks into the top 10.

#9- Amazing Spider-Man 2

– Something is just… missing with this movie. Usually a comic book movie would be much higher on the list. It should be higher up but I am just not THAT excited about it and I liked the first one. Something about Electro… I don’t know. But anyway, the first one was good and this one seems like it will be solid AND introduce more facets to the Spider-Man movie universe.

#8- Godzilla

– My excitement before the trailer was… minimal. Still having flash backs to that awful remake. Then I saw the trailer, saw the size of Godzilla, and heard the trademark scream… and I was sold. This movie looks intense and awesome and we haven’t even seen the second monster yet.

#7- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

– Rise was a great movie that seems to get better every time I watch it. The teaser trailer for Dawn was awesome. I expect big things from this movie and really think it will deliver.

#6- 300: Rise of an Empire

– Just missing the top 5 cut is a movie that showed up on last years list somehow (did it get pushed back? I can’t remember). This movie looks downright awesome as it is channeling the first one but adding a navel battle to it. Can the Athenian hero put on a performance to rival Leonidas? If so, this movie could be the movie of the year. THAT is how good 300 is.


Ok, into the top 5. The movies that tempt me to show up at 12:01 on a Thursday night when I have to get up at 6 AM the next morning. This offers some really intriguing movies. Not as big as last years (which featured heavy hitters like Iron Man, Thor, Superman, and Wolverine) but definitely some interesting and great looking movies.



#5- The Raid 2: Berandel

– The first Raid was only barely released in the US and caught the world by surprise with its downright brutal martial arts. It was simply… brutal and absolutely awesome. Hopefully, the Raid 2 keeps the brutality while still remaining fresh. The trailer was downright awesome and I absolutely cannot wait for this movie, subtitles and all.



#4- X-Men: Days of Future Past

– This movie scares and excites me at the same time. The first two X-men movies were good. The next two were not. Then First Class swung the pendulum back. Can X-men ride that momentum while balancing a huge cast of mutants and a relatively difficult plot involving time travel? We will see. But the fact we are finally getting real Sentinels on screen increases my excitement.



#3- Captain America: The Winter Soldier

– I expect nothing but greatness. This movie seems different from the other Marvel movies. It is described as a “political thriller” and supposedly is the most important movie in regards to Age of Ultron. Plus… the Winter Soldier. I just don’t see how this movie won’t be great.



#2- Guardians of the Galaxy

– This makes it here based on pure intrigue and curiosity. Can Marvel really make this work? I have no idea what to expect at all. And that is a bit exciting to be honest. A completely original set of characters and I have no idea what is going to happen. I barely even know anything about them and have read about them only a little in the comic books. In Marvel I trust.


#1- The Hobbit: There and Back Again

– The Hobbit once again claims the top spot. I have mentioned it 100 times, but this final chapter has the chance to be the most exciting and epic chapter of ALL the LotR movie. That is how awesome this could be if Jackson plays his cards right. We get Smaug going to Laketown, the army of orcs, the Necromancer and Gandolph conclusion, ect. This could be one of the best movies ever. And this will likely be the last movie we ever get that features the LotR universe 😦

Meet Cycle: Week 11 Training Update

Last heavy week before the meet. Next week will just consist of 3 pump workouts to help cut weight. The squats and bench press numbers are around second attempt numbers. The deadlift 475 will be my opener.


January 11

Paused Bench Press: 295×1, 325×1

Paused Close Grip Bench Press: 285×1, 300×1

Paused Sling Shot Bench Press: 335x1x3

+ assistance


January 12

Squats, belt, sleeves: 390×1, 420×1

Conventional Deadlift, belt: 455×1, 475×1

+ assistance


January 16

Bench Press: 275×1, 295×1

Speed Paused Bench Press: 240x3x5

Feet Up Bench Press: 250x8x2

+ assistance


January 17

DB Shrugs
Cable Rows
Lat Pull Downs
Back Extensions
Ab Wheel

2013 Shadow Awards

The 2013 Shadow Awards are finally here! Unfortunately, it will not be nearly as long and detailed as in the past due to how freaking busy I was in December and right now. But, it is what it is so I am just going to roll with the punches.

Got to the right under “Topics” and click “shadow awards” for the 2011 and 2012 award winners.


Without further adieu…



Best Movie, Best Sequel: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
– It takes something really special to knock off a movie from Middle Earth from the top spot. And this movie was really freaking fun.

Most Disappointing Movie: GI Joe: Retaliation
– How a movie with Ninjas + military could be so shitty I have no idea.

Best Comic Book Movie, Best Action: Thor: The Dark World
– Wolverine was close and may be better with multiple viewings, but this movie was a prototypical Marvel movie done right

Most Disappointing Comic Book Movie: Iron Man 3
– Not because of the twist, but because of humor in the wrong spots. Still an above average movie but it could have been great.

Most Surprising Scene: Superman breaking Zod’s Neck in Man of Steel
Having Superman kill in this movie at the very very end caught everyone off guard.

Biggest Bad Ass, Best Villain: Kurse from Thor: The Dark World
– If you whoop Thor’s ass and bitch slap Mjolnir like it is a fucking trinket, you get on this list some how. This dude was a walking ball of destruction that took a mini black hole to kill.

Best Special Effects: Smaug from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
– That dragon is one of the best CGI creations ever put on the big screen.



Best Comic Book: Thor: God of Thunder
– The God Butcher arc is one of the best I have ever read.

Best Comic Book Hero: Thor
– Was perfect in Thor: God of Thunder and had some great moments in Infinity.

Best Comic Book Villain: Ebony Maw
– Let’s see… took control of the Sorcerer Supreme, found Thanos son while sending the Illuminati on a wild goose chase, eliminated Thanos by tricking Thane into stopping him, escapes the scene with control of Thane. Not bad.

Best DC Comic Book: Aquaman
– Pretty much the only DC book I am reading at the moment. Been consistently good since Issue 1.


Meet Cycle: Week 10 Training Update

The week started off pretty good despite being in another new gym. Then things hit the fan where my deadlift strength disappeared Sunday, started puking Monday, and I have felt weak with a volatile stomach since.

This week was 3 weeks out from my meet. Not the best timing in the world.

I have videos of the bench and sq/dl day but I haven’t gotten the time to upload them. Sorry.


January 5

Paused Bench Press: 315×2, 315×1, 315×1

Paused CGBP: 275x2x2

Paused Sling Shot Bench Press: 335×1, 345×1, 345×1

+ more assistance work.

– Felt pretty good all things considering. I think if I was in a gym I was used to with equipment I was used to I would have gotten the 315x2x2. The bench I was using was really really soft and I kept hitting safety bars and uprights.


January 6

Squat, belt, sleeves: 365×1, 385×1, 405×1

Paused Squats, belt, sleeves: 335x3x2

Conv Deadlift, belt: 495×0

+ more assistance

– Squat was ok… not great but ok. Deadlift was a clusterfuck and I am not sure what happened. Couldn’t get it off the ground and I never miss weights off the ground I miss them at the knees.


January 9

Bench Press: 225×5, 275×5, 255×5, 235×5

+ light iso work

– Still sick and feeling like shit so I did just enough to get in some bench work without prolonging my sickness by killing my recovery.

Meet Cycle: Week 9 Training Update

Here is the rest of Week 9 of my Meet Cycle


January 1, 2014

Bench Assistance

Paused Floor Press, 90s rest: 245x5x3
Speed Paused Bench Press: 185x5x5
Feet Up Bench Press, 90s rest: 185x8x2
Side Raises
Face Pulls
Cable Ext
Cable Curls

Bike: 20mins total


January 2, 2014

All 60s Rest

Cable Rows
Pull Ups: BWx12, BWx10, BWx5
Underhand Lat Pull Downs
Machine Rows
DB Shrugs
Leg Machine Calf Raises
Side Planks
OH BB Static Holds

Scarlet Spider is Cancelled at Issue #25


I picked up Scarlet Spider on a whim. I knew nothing about Kaine. The only Kaine stuff I saw was in the event Spider Island.

He was basically a deadlier (pre-Spock) Spider-Man with a cool stabby thing, can talk to spiders kind of, camouflage, and without spider sense. So I was like, cool beans, and picked up issue #1 just to see what he was all about.

I was pleasantly surprised. Kaine was cool with a cool story and a DIFFERENT story. Emphasis on different. He wasn’t fighting aliens in NY. Hell, he was in Houston! Finally, something different. His differences were refreshing enough to pick up issues #1-25, where he has finally been cancelled.

Oh and he turns into this weird rage beast spider monster thing sometimes that says “prey” and “kill” a lot. Lol.

Rage beast on the bottom

It was a good book that I am stunned lasted 2 years. It wasn’t on the level of Venom, but it is definitely better than some of the 10,000 X-Men and Avenger titles.

The Scarlet Spider will be seen next in the new New Warriors books. I will not be getting that book unfortunately. I don’ t like Kaine enough to deal with all the people I don’t know/like.

Christopher Yost needs to be on a high profile book ASAP!