Scarlet Spider is Cancelled at Issue #25


I picked up Scarlet Spider on a whim. I knew nothing about Kaine. The only Kaine stuff I saw was in the event Spider Island.

He was basically a deadlier (pre-Spock) Spider-Man with a cool stabby thing, can talk to spiders kind of, camouflage, and without spider sense. So I was like, cool beans, and picked up issue #1 just to see what he was all about.

I was pleasantly surprised. Kaine was cool with a cool story and a DIFFERENT story. Emphasis on different. He wasn’t fighting aliens in NY. Hell, he was in Houston! Finally, something different. His differences were refreshing enough to pick up issues #1-25, where he has finally been cancelled.

Oh and he turns into this weird rage beast spider monster thing sometimes that says “prey” and “kill” a lot. Lol.

Rage beast on the bottom

It was a good book that I am stunned lasted 2 years. It wasn’t on the level of Venom, but it is definitely better than some of the 10,000 X-Men and Avenger titles.

The Scarlet Spider will be seen next in the new New Warriors books. I will not be getting that book unfortunately. I don’ t like Kaine enough to deal with all the people I don’t know/like.

Christopher Yost needs to be on a high profile book ASAP!


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