2013 Shadow Awards

The 2013 Shadow Awards are finally here! Unfortunately, it will not be nearly as long and detailed as in the past due to how freaking busy I was in December and right now. But, it is what it is so I am just going to roll with the punches.

Got to the right under “Topics” and click “shadow awards” for the 2011 and 2012 award winners.


Without further adieu…



Best Movie, Best Sequel: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
– It takes something really special to knock off a movie from Middle Earth from the top spot. And this movie was really freaking fun.

Most Disappointing Movie: GI Joe: Retaliation
– How a movie with Ninjas + military could be so shitty I have no idea.

Best Comic Book Movie, Best Action: Thor: The Dark World
– Wolverine was close and may be better with multiple viewings, but this movie was a prototypical Marvel movie done right

Most Disappointing Comic Book Movie: Iron Man 3
– Not because of the twist, but because of humor in the wrong spots. Still an above average movie but it could have been great.

Most Surprising Scene: Superman breaking Zod’s Neck in Man of Steel
Having Superman kill in this movie at the very very end caught everyone off guard.

Biggest Bad Ass, Best Villain: Kurse from Thor: The Dark World
– If you whoop Thor’s ass and bitch slap Mjolnir like it is a fucking trinket, you get on this list some how. This dude was a walking ball of destruction that took a mini black hole to kill.

Best Special Effects: Smaug from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
– That dragon is one of the best CGI creations ever put on the big screen.



Best Comic Book: Thor: God of Thunder
– The God Butcher arc is one of the best I have ever read.

Best Comic Book Hero: Thor
– Was perfect in Thor: God of Thunder and had some great moments in Infinity.

Best Comic Book Villain: Ebony Maw
– Let’s see… took control of the Sorcerer Supreme, found Thanos son while sending the Illuminati on a wild goose chase, eliminated Thanos by tricking Thane into stopping him, escapes the scene with control of Thane. Not bad.

Best DC Comic Book: Aquaman
– Pretty much the only DC book I am reading at the moment. Been consistently good since Issue 1.



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