2014 Raw Record Breakers Meet Report

Got to the meet venue super early because I am scarred to death at showing up late to things. Body felt pretty good… no real aches and pains and nothing to slow me down.


Squats: warm up to 335-ish which felt ok.

390- Good– Felt a bit heavy on my back but went up solid and I was in the meet. Solid opener and felt good about my next attempt.

425- Good– 5lb Meet PR- My only PR of the day. Felt easier than the 420 I hit in the gym that is for sure. At this point, I was pretty happy and thought I might have 10 lbs more in me if the lift goes perfect.

435- Miss– Couldn’t get past sticking point. It was actually much closer than it looked in the video. Once I break that point I am usually golden and I was close. Solid third attempt and have no regrets on my attempt selection on squats.


– I was feeling really good at this point. Squeezed out a 5lb PR on squats and I was heading to the one lift that went well they entire 12 week training cycle and the one lift I had a lot of confidence in.


Bench Press: warm up to 250-ish and felt great.

295- Good– Felt pretty good. The bench felt so odd because it was SOLID and sticky (aka it didn’t suck like the benches I am used to). It was odd getting a press command from someone and not doing it in my head. But, felt good enough to make the jump to something I just hit at the gym.

325- Miss-Crap. Came off the chest and slammed to a halt. Not. Even. Close. Felt fine in my hands and on my chest but there was just nothing there. Pretty bummed at this point but I still had one more chance.

325- Miss– Gripped the bar extra tight, got set up extra tight, and it was closer than the first but still… nothing there. Really bummed at this point. Lost out on a PR total on the one lift I was 100% confident in.


– At this point I was “blah.” What was weird was everyone in my flight did the exact same thing it seemed like. Good opener and nothing for the second and third attempts. Even Whitney said, “everyone was missing.” Then the meet seemed to drag (just seem… we started at 9AM and were done around 1:30… fast meet).


Deadlift: warm up to 425 ish. Felt heavy but deadlifting always feels heavy. Doesn’t mean anything.

475- Good– On the board with a total. Everyone seemed to wake up once deadlifting started. Decided to jump to 505, which is a PR for conventional at a meet (take what I can get at this point)

505- Good– Hard but not crazy hard. Was perfectly content at this point. Not sure where to go from here because I had no goals to shoot for. PR total was out. PR deadlift (would be 530) was not going to happen. So I just went 515 as I thought it was something I could get with some effort.

515- Good-Hella grind but I got it. Most I have pulled conventional in years. My form actually felt pretty good and if I didn’t fear my back exploding I would probably never switch back to sumo. But anyway, deadlifts seem to be a complete 180 to bench press for everyone as everyone was pulling 3rd attempts out of their ass and grinding them up.


Total- 1235- 3rd Place– Solid but disappointing day and not what I hoped for of course.

Here is the video from the meet:


– Also want thank Spero and the dudes at Raw United for putting on another great meet. Anyone who is in Florida and doesn’t do a meet with them is crazy. They are very lifter friendly, stick to the rules of performance on the lifts, affordable ($10 yearly fee + $30 for the meet if you get the certificate plus you get a free t-shirt), and are just all around good people.

– Lots of things to work on, but that is for another post. Back in the gym Saturday.


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