GODZILLA!!! Oh My Stars and Garters

Second trailer time… even better than the first…



They are doing a masterful job building this movie up without giving away one iota of plot or giving away exactly what Godzilla looks like. If you piece together EVERY bit of information out there, you can get a decent shot of him (and how utterly massive he is) but the trailers are only giving away just enough to rock your socks.

Oh, and there is supposed to be at least one more monster in this movie…… can that much awesome be crammed in a movie?

Check out some more pics of Godzilla as we are finally getting glimpses of the king of monsters.





Off Season Week 3 Volume Training Update

February 17- Bench Press

Bench Press:
255×4 @8
270×4 @9
285×3 @9.5
270×4 @9
270×4 @10

3ct Bench Press:
220×4 @8
230×4 @9
245×4 @10
235×4 @9.5
235×4 @10 (

+ other stuff

February 18- Squats

Squat, no belt:
300×4 @9
325×4 @10
305×4 @10

SSB Squats, belt:
255×4 @9
270×4 @9
285×4 @10
270×4 @9
270×4 @10

+ other stuff

February 20- Second Bench Press

45* Incline Bench Press:
200×4 @7
210×4 @8
225×4 @9
235×4 @10
225×4 @9
225×4 @10
225×4 @10

Close Grip Bench Press:
240×4 @8
250×4 @9
265×4 @10
250×4 @9.5
250×4 @10
250×4 @10

February 21- Deadlift

Sumo Deadlift, belt:
455×1 @9

3ct Pause Squat, belt:
265×4 @9
275×4 @9
295×4 @10
280×4 @10
280×4 @10

First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer has Arrived! YES!

As I have mentioned time and time again, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie is easily their biggest risk since Iron Man (yes, at one point that was a huge risk). None of the general public has any idea who the heroes/characters are and many of the comic book nerds only have passing knowledge (including me). They have just not been in the comic spotlight in a long time. It is both amazing and odd they are getting a movie while known characters like Black Panther, Heroes for Hire, Dr. Strange, Ms. Marvel, ect have not.

Now, finally, a trailer has been released. And it makes this movie look all the more interesting.

Essentially, all this trailer is doing is introducing who the hell the Guardians of the Galaxy. From this trailer, we have no idea who the bad guy is, what the GoG are up to, or anything to do with the plot at all.

What we do get is an introduction to the heroes…

– Star-Lord/Peter Quil- a Hans Solo type who looks like a thief and is a bit of an asshole it seems

– Drax the Destroyer- a pissed off, revenge hunting, muscle bound, dual blade wielding, killer who is looking for revenge

– Gamora- last of her race and one of the deadliest assassins in the universe.

– Rocket Raccoon- a pissed off raccoon looking dude who likes to steal cars and carry a big ass gun

– Groot- tree like dude who is Rockets best friend and essentially his bodyguard.

Other than that… we get nothing. We know more from Marvel talking (Ronan is involved. Nebula is involved. There is an Infinity Stone involved. Drax wants revenge for Ronan killing his family. Thanos is involved somehow, ect).

But we do know a few more thing… this movie looks fun as well, it looks action packed, it is new and fresh, and it has a Star Wars feel to it.

Sign me up NOW!

The Vision is Now Apart of Avengers: Age of Ultron!


The Vision is now going to be joining the very large and awesome Avengers roster. He joins Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Hulk, Widow, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch.

The real question with this is… does he start out as a creation of Ultron and therefore a bad guy in the beginning until he overcomes his programming and switches sides? If so… that is going to be really similar to how Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are rumored to join the Avengers roster. Is he instead a creation of Starks? That would make since considering the second big news…

The second big news with this is that the actor that is playing JARVIS is now the actor for Vision. So, that would imply, that JARVIS somehow becomes sentient and becomes the Vision. The previous interwebz theory is that JARVIS becomes Ultron so this… throws a wrench in that. Or does it? Could JARVIS somehow split to become good JARVIS and evil JARVIS?


For those who need a quickie intro to the Vision… he is basically an Android with human brain waves. In this case, it looks like it will be JARVIS. His powers include the usual super human stuff (strength, speed, intelligence, ect) but he also has energy projection, flight, and what is most “different” is that he can change his density. He can make himself pretty much a ghost and be completely weightless, go through walls (or people) ect. And the next second, he can be a dense and heavy as possible and almost invulverable.

Here is a good intro to Vision from the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Cartoon.


Off Season Week 2 Volume Training Update

Had to adjust some things due to time and exercise selection but still sticking with the same template as last week basically.


February 8- Bench Press

Bench Press: 275x2x5

3ct Pause Bench Press: 245x2x3

+ other stuff


February 11– Squat

Squat, no belt: 340×2, 330x2x3

SSB Squats, belt: 280x2x5

+ other stuff


February 13- Second Bench Press

45* BB Incline Bench Press: 225x2x5, 235×2

Close Grip Floor Press: 265x2x4

+ other stuff


February 15- Deadlift

Sumo Deadlift, belt: 475×2, 500×2

3ct Pause Squat, belt: 295x2x3

+ other stuff


My Current Comic Book Read List

Every once in awhile, a take a break from comic books. This happens for  a few reasons, most notably I get busy and can’t get to it, plus I actually enjoy reading entire blocks of an arc instead of month by month issue by issue.

It also gives me a chance to see which books I actually like and which books I read out of habit.

So, here is my new pull list, including the titles that are must reads in my opinion. This is just my pull list from the last month, so you won’t see stuff like Nightcrawler or Magneto or other titles that are coming soon that I will definitely pick up.



Must Reads:

Mighty Avengers– Straight up comic book fun featuring the “minority Avengers” lol.

New Avengers– It is moving at a snail’s pace but the premise is too good to pass up. I really wish this would double ship.

Superior Spider-Man– SpOck’s run is coming to an end and it is just getting into the Green Goblin stuff big time. Plus, Peter is slowly coming back.

Thor: God of Thunder– The second arc wasn’t anywhere near as good as the first (although it had its moments), this is still a great book.

Uncanny Avengers– Almost a pure stand alone book featuring big name characters (which is odd this day and age) with an awesome story that I have no idea where it is going.

X-Men: Legacy– This book actually ended at #24 (aka yesterday), but still wanted to put this here because it was so good.



The Others:

All-New Invaders– New series.

Amazing X-Men

Aquaman- Only DC book I still read.


Avengers World

Captain America


Guardians of the Galaxy– This one is one the edge of staying on my pull list as I have no interest in the X-Men crossover.

Loki: Agent of Asgard– New series.

Punisher- New series.

Savage Wolverine

Thunderbolts- The addition of Ghost Rider should be awesome.

Uncanny X-Men


Wolverine and the X-Men

X-Factor- New series

X-Force- New Series

First Look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Shredder

My excitement ramped up big time after seeing these because the turtles look AWESOME. Especially Raphael, who we all know is the best one of the bunch.

Sorry about the weird Shredder picture next to cartoon Krang. There is a rumor you can see Krang or something like Krang in the picture with shredder which… seems like a big reach but whatever. Can’t find the original image so… deal with it.

So, the character designs are definitely awesome. Now let us hope Bay keeps out the very obnoxious humor… but I find it very unlikely.


tmnt tmnt2 tmnt3