Musings #41: Trimming the Fat

– No, I am not talking about losing weight (although I need too…).

I am talking about getting rid of the little shit I do everyday that take up little bits of time that really don’t bring any value to my life. Little shit that distracts me from doing the important stuff during the day (like this blog of course!).

For instance… checking forums. I will check IA’s forum like 20 times a day… for no real apparent reason. Maybe because it is on tapatalk and I can check it easy? But anyway, IA’s isn’t a very fast moving forum. Their aren’t a lot of posts in a day (or week sometimes…). Why do I need to check it 20 times? Makes no since, is stupid, and it distracts me from other shit I need to do. And it isn’t just that forum. Also talking about blogs I check constantly even though they update maybe once a week. If I would just check it once a week or even once a day, I would save myself a shit load of time to put towards shit that actually matters.

More trimming the fat… reading lifting posts/forums/blogs/articles that have NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. Why do I care about some post by some guy who couldn’t gain an ounce of muscle or bench 250 until he went on TRT (happens all. the. time. now). What use is he to me and my training? What can you really tell me? That steroids make you stronger? So why do I waste time reading his shitty little post or shitty little journal or shitty little article where he says all the stuff that helped him (without mentioning the hormones)?

Why do I care to read powerlifting drama on some forum? Why do I care what some 6’5 325lb super strong jacked guy posts in an article on getting strong when he probably benched 315 at 10 years old?

I am of course being overly dramatic and very sarcastic. But the simple fact is, I have read thousands of posts, blog posts, articles and could probably count on two hands the ones that actually helped me in the fucking slightest. So why waste my fucking time with it?

More wastes of time… checking email more than 3 times a day. I have rarely saw and email and gone “damn, I am glad this came right to my phone right then!” Truth is, most of the shit I get in email is just that… shit. Checking facebook (truth is I ain’t on there much though) more than once a day… stupid.

Most of this stuff came about due to my incessant boredom at school. Stupid lectures that didn’t intrigue me left me sitting on the internet during hours and hours of class. So, of course I could “waste time” reading all this useless shit because I had time to waste.

Not anymore.

Take out school and enter a new job that has me working essentially 6 times a week. But really, due to it being a small business, you are almost always on the clock. I have a 20 month old who wants more and more of my time and I will gladly give him more and more of my time. I have a dog that I have to take outside personally instead of just opening the back door because I no longer have a yard. I don’t have a 24 hour gym anymore, so I have to schedule gym time into my schedule now.

So take lots of responsibilities (normal grown up shit) plus all my hobbies (lifting, blogs, reading, video games, movies, ect)… and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for fat in my life. Time to dump it and move on.


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