Newest Captain America Trailer Gives Us a Great Look at the Winter Soldier

There is a LOT to digest in this trailer if you are willing to read around, but some of the obvious things are:

– This focuses BIG TIME on the Winter Soldier. It really really shows what kind of bad ass he is going to be in this movie.

– So, we know 100% that Fury is the one in the car that explodes and that he, in fact, does NOT die. So the question becomes… who is under the sheet at the end of the trailer? Falcon? Winter Soldier? Who is important enough to both Cap and Widow, but not too important to kill?

– We see a lot more of Falcon and they definitely upgraded him, “kind of stupid” in the comics to “kind of cool” in the movie. Too bad Winter Soldier drops him HARD. My lord.

– There is definitely a lot of conspiracy stuff going on here between Cap and everyone else in SHIELD.

– Will there be enough time to develop the Winter Soldier/Captain America relationship? In between the conspiracy, Falcon, Widow, Fury almost dying, someone dying, ect?

Cannot wait for this movie. Unless something huge happens, I WILL be there opening night.


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