Off Season Week 1 Volume Training Update

Started following an RTS template. This is just some of the lifts each day. For more information go to my training blog.


February 3- Bench Press

Bench Press: 245x5x4

3ct Pause Bench Press: 205x5x2

+ other stuff


February 4- Squat

Squat, no belt: 315x3x4

Sumo Block Pulls, belt: 495x3x3

+ other stuff


February 6- Second Bench Press

45* Incline Bench Press: 205x5x4

Close Grip Floor Press: 235x5x2

+ other stuff


February 7- Deadlift

3ct Pause Squat, belt: 285×3, 295×3

Sumo Deadlift, belt: 405×3, 435×3, 455×3

+ other stuff


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