First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer has Arrived! YES!

As I have mentioned time and time again, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie is easily their biggest risk since Iron Man (yes, at one point that was a huge risk). None of the general public has any idea who the heroes/characters are and many of the comic book nerds only have passing knowledge (including me). They have just not been in the comic spotlight in a long time. It is both amazing and odd they are getting a movie while known characters like Black Panther, Heroes for Hire, Dr. Strange, Ms. Marvel, ect have not.

Now, finally, a trailer has been released. And it makes this movie look all the more interesting.

Essentially, all this trailer is doing is introducing who the hell the Guardians of the Galaxy. From this trailer, we have no idea who the bad guy is, what the GoG are up to, or anything to do with the plot at all.

What we do get is an introduction to the heroes…

– Star-Lord/Peter Quil- a Hans Solo type who looks like a thief and is a bit of an asshole it seems

– Drax the Destroyer- a pissed off, revenge hunting, muscle bound, dual blade wielding, killer who is looking for revenge

– Gamora- last of her race and one of the deadliest assassins in the universe.

– Rocket Raccoon- a pissed off raccoon looking dude who likes to steal cars and carry a big ass gun

– Groot- tree like dude who is Rockets best friend and essentially his bodyguard.

Other than that… we get nothing. We know more from Marvel talking (Ronan is involved. Nebula is involved. There is an Infinity Stone involved. Drax wants revenge for Ronan killing his family. Thanos is involved somehow, ect).

But we do know a few more thing… this movie looks fun as well, it looks action packed, it is new and fresh, and it has a Star Wars feel to it.

Sign me up NOW!


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