First Full Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer

We got a taste (of more of the same) during the Super Bowl but here is the full trailer:


And… eh?

There are some interesting new developments but it seems mostly rehashed. Humans don’t need Transformers anymore and consider them dangerous and are trying ot wipe them out? Eh? First off… I thought we were done with “humans don’t need Autobots” after the last two movies? And anyway… how the hell can the humans even hurt them? They managed to kill what… 2 transformers in three movies while losing a hundred billion men?

And oh hey look… another alien invasion… and let me guess… it will reunite the Autobots to save Earth again?

I know I am assuming a lot but at this point… is there any reason to trust Bay not to rehash everything?

But… there isn’t any stupid jokes (in the trailer at least), Wahlberg is 100% improvement over Shia LaCrap, the new Transformer designs look good, Gridlock looks bad ass, and oh hey look, Optimus Prime just bitch slapped Gridlock. Lol.


Overall, it looks like a decent summer flick. If this was the first Transformers movie (or even second) I might be gushing over it but it feels like I already know what is going to happen for the most part at this point.



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