Welcome to My Pokemon Playthrough.. Yep, You Read That Right

Remember when I mentioned this blog is random as hell with no real point in life other than wasting my time? And for some reason I enjoy it? And remember when I said I have some of the most random interest and hobbies that simply make no since when mashed into a single person? Well, here is the ultimate “nobody gives a shit” post series.

I am going to play Pokemon Black 2… and chronicle the journey to beat the game.

I was a youngin when Pokemon Blue/Red came out and took the hand held world by storm. It was awesome (started with Bulbasaur by the way, aka Mr. Awesome). Then played Yellow (which was awesome because you could get all the starters).  Then I stopped playing after that and the habit of “stop playing then pick up old games” started. Played LeafGreen (awesome) and Emerald (eh… but had the best pokemon ever in Sceptile). Then pick up Platinum (awesome game.. Torterra!) and started playing on wifi and on battle simulators as well. Did that a ton, got Soul Silver when it came out (awful game, second generation Pokemon are terrible) and got sick of it and quit again. I think got Black 2 last year and started battling on simulators again but didn’t finish the game (got busy) and the battle stuff got way more complicated than I wanted to invest in so I got bored with that.

Sceptile > All

Just recently, I found my DS again and saw BW2 still in it. So… started playing and though “why not put what I do on the blog?” So… tada!

Some rules how I play the game to make it interesting for me:

– Use set, not shift. Shift is entirely too easy to sweep through gyms and such due to typing.

– I do not use healing items in person vs person battles. No potions, no revives, no ethers, ect. I will use them out of battle but not during because that is boring.

– I am not using a guide to play the game. That means, no peaking ahead to see what rival trainer Pokemon gets so I can have a counter for each. No peaking ahead at gym types and levels so I make sure I am strong enough. No peaking ahead at the Elite 4 and champion so I can see their type. And I haven’t finshed BW2 and I don’t remember a damn thing about it so it will all seem new for now.

The exception to this rule is seeing how Pokemon evolve and what moves they learn on their own. I am not using a pokemon only to see it doesn’t evolve except for trades or some shit I can’t do. So, when I catch one, I will check ahead and see how it involves and that is it. I also will check to see what each nature means because I am not remembering all the shit.

– I won’t be using Legends because they are stupid powerful for a “normal” play through a game.

– I hack the game and use Master Balls to catch everything. The worst part about pokemon is catching the fuckings things. I don’t time for that shit.

Umm, I guess that is all the rules.

Two more things…

1) Wouldn’t surprise me if I didn’t finish

2) Wouldn’t surprise me if this gets zero views.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to My Pokemon Playthrough.. Yep, You Read That Right”

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