X-Men: Legacy is Cancelled at Issue #24


God DAMN that was a great 24 issue run.

And honestly… I probably shouldn’t put “cancelled.” This series really looked like it was meant to end at issue #24. It had a solid beginning, solid middle, and solid ending. It didn’t feel like it had its legs cut out from underneath or anything of the sort and had to be rushed to conclusion.

And my lord, what a conclusion it was. Due to how good of an ending it was, I won’t spoil it here. Go read the damn thing yourself like you should have been already.

Spurrior did something I didn’t think was possible: make me like Legion. I only checked out the book because it was different and didn’t focus on the usual suspects. I didn’t really care for Legion, but he is stupid powerful and crazy and I thought it could be interesting for the little time it would last. Because I mean, come on… a book staring Legion with weird art and some writer I never heard of wasn’t going to last more than 12 issues. And some how, some way (ok… the some way was being a really fucking good book) it lasted through 24 issues with a great, natural ending.

Because Spurrior was so good with this, I am actually going to give his X-Force book, which has about one character in it I give two shits about, a chance. Because if it is half as good as Legacy, then sign me up.


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