Pokemon Update #1- Tepig I Choose You!


So game begins! Introductory stuff, blah blah blah, talk talk talk, blah blah blah… I am not Pokemon newbie stupid game let me skip this stuff.

After 10 hours of gibber jabber, it is time to choose my starter Pokemon. Like all games, you choose between a grass, water, or fire type Pokemon. I almost decided to hack my game to start with Treeko (my favorite) or Bulbasaur (second favorite) because they are 10x more awesome that what I can choose from. I typically tend to be a fan of grass type starters… and typically always choose them. The exception is Generation two, which featured the terrible Meganium line. Gross. I just Typhlosion for that one. All others it has been grass. Bulbasaur line, Sceptile line, and Torterra line.

So let us see what we got…

Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott
Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott

Snivy- Grass Type. Looks like a shitty rip off of Treeko. Grass types can be all over the place… from bulkier offensive types (Bulbasaur, Torterra) to bulkier defensive types (Meganium) to fast offensive types (Sceptile). Snivy looks more like the faster types but you can never be too sure with Grass types. Also, will it get a second type like Torterra (ground) and Bulbasaur (poison)?

Oshawott- Water Type. WTF is this thing? An otter? All the water types I remember are big, slow, bulky, and pack a punch (Blastoise, Swampert, the alligator one, Empereon). I don’t think I have ever chosen a water type.

Tepig- Fire Type. Looks like a pig. Really original design… Anyway, the fire types tend to be super offensive. Charizard, Typhlosion, Infernape, Blaziken. And the last two gained a sub type (fighting) which was useful.

I honestly don’t remember anything about these guys, although I think I remember the Snivy line being fast but defensive and not very hard hitting. And I think Tepig gets a fighting second type.

So anyway, I chose the stupid fire pig. Other than Blastoise I am not a fan of water types and Oshawott looks retarded. Snivy looks like a rip off of the best Pokemon ever and that makes me angry. So, play it safe and go with a fire type with a nice second typing and hope for the best.

The only problem with this is that there are generally a thousand good fire types in games and a thousand good fighting types. Are all of them in this game? I don’t know but I have never had a problem finding a fire type in a Pokemon game. Water and Grass on the other hand… much more difficult.

So, Level 5 Tepig it is.


So, to go with Pokemon tradition, my rival or friend or whatever chooses the opposite type to make the game harder (lol). So he chooses the dumb otter, Oshawott. And keeping with tradition, it is battle time with the rival:

Shadow: Lv 5 Tepig
Rival: Lv 6 Oshawott (higher due to challenge mode)

The first battle is all about luck and stupidity. So I tackle my way to victory and end up leveling up in the process.

Time to get out of the hometown and see what is out there… until next time…



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