Pokemon Update #3: Gym Badge #1



So, I go into the gym unsure what level the pokes are at and unsure of the gym type. Clicking around, it is a normal type gym which is good and bad at the same time. Good because normal is super effective against none of my pokes… bad because I have nothing super effective to use against them as Tepig is still only a fire type with no fighting moves.

I laid waste to the warm up trainers and I seem to be at the appropriate level strength wise so I head to Cheren to get my badge.

Gym #1 Battle:

Shadow: Sewaddle (11), Tepig (14), Mareep (8)
Cheren: normal type gym with 3 Pokemon

He starts with a level 12 Parat which I slowly kill with Sewaddle. He then goes to a level 14 Lillipup. I stupidly think he will just finish off Sewaddle, so I hit him with a string shot just to slow him down a bit so Tepig can finish the job. Instead, Lillipup Works Up… making it so his attack and special attack climb a level. Fuck. I start to attack, he works up again. Fuck. He then OHKO’s Sewaddle. I switch to Mareep hoping to paralyze him so I have a chance, but Mareep is still too slow and gets OHKO’d as well. I then switch to Tepig, who is able to take a couple hits, but I have no good moves to use (still forced to use Tackle or Ember which is pathetic because Tepig is physically based). And I get my ass beat.

Winner: Cheren 2-0
MVP: Lillipup who worked up and swept my pitiful, underleveled team.


Never saw third pokemon. I would assume it is another Lillipup or Patrat… the question is if it is a higher level than 14 or not.

So I head to the grass with my head hung low to level grind a little bit. I start with Tepig hoping he evolves at level 16 or something so he gets his fighting type and a new move to lay waste to the gym easy. Instead, he learns flame charge at level 15, which finally gives him a STAB attack that is physical and doesn’t suck. That is all I really need I think but I also put one level on both Mareep and Sewaddle just in case.

Tepig to level 15

Sewaddle to level 12

Mareep to level 9

Gym Battle #1

Shadow: Sewaddle (12), Tepig (15), Mareep (9)
Cheren: Patrat (12), Lillipup (14), another unseen normal-type Pokemon

This went as expected. Sewaddle beat up Patrat rather easily and he went to Lillipup again. I immediately switched to Tepig this time and luckily he only tackled instead of worked up. I then hit him with two flame charges, which hits VERY hard due to STAB and Tepig’s high attack stat. It also boost my speed which I used to quickly dispose of his next Pokemon, a level 12 Pidove.

Winner: 3-0 Shadow
MVP– Tepig due to Flame Charge

So, I won my first badge and received TM Work Up, which will be pretty useful as it boosts both attack and special attack.


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