Pokemon Update #4- EVOLUTION!


So, after leaving the gym victorious, there is of course some blah blah blah involved. One good thing that came out of it is that I got the TM for Return… aka the best normal type move in the game. So, I instantly teach it to all three of my Pokemon and rejoice. I then try to use TM Work Up but none of my team can learn it. Poop.

Anyway, I also learn that the grass will now “rustle” as I walk by. This is awesome for 2 reasons. One… some rare Pokemon hang out in rustling grass. And 2… Audino will now appear which is awesome because they give super experience points.

So now I need to head to Virbank City next. So I catch some wild Pokemon and battle the trainers on the way…


Route 20

normal type

Other than providing a shit ton of experience, this guy is completely worthless.

poison type

Poison types don’t offer much in game. I think Venipede’s final evolution is halfway decent but it doesn’t fit on my team at all and gives me no real advantages or type coverage.


So, during the various wild Pokemon and super Audinos and crappy trainers, my Pokemon start gaining levels rapidly. And then Tepig reaches level 17 and starts to evolve into Pignite!



After evolving he also becomes a fighting type and learns a new fighting type move… Arm Thrust. He is also now able to learn TM Work Up.

Current Team:

Pignite (17)– Flame Charge, Arm Thrust, Return, Work Up
Sewaddle (14)– Bug Bite, Return, worthless stuff
Mareep (14)– Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Return, something useless


I then head on to Virbank City. Doesn’t seem to be much to do so I head to the grass area and grab some more Pokemon and fight some more trainers to prepare for the gym.


Virbank City

fire type

A pure fire type that evolves first into Magmar (who is awesome and a Gen 1 OG) and then evolves again into Magmortar or something like that through trade or something. While I do like this Pokemon, I don’t need another fire type plus it evolves through trade so while awesome… to the box with it.

steel/electric type

Another Gen 1 OG and our first steel type. Unfortunately… I hate this Pokemon with a passion and always have. Even though it would first perfectly on my team (and eliminate my need for Mareep), I just hate it. So… to the box. But once again, this game is giving you some really really good Pokemon very early.

fire type

– Another Gen 1 OG and one of my favorites and the first fire type I used way back in Pokemon Red (I started with Bulbasaur naturally). I love this guy and used in when I played competitively online as well. Arcanine is a freaking tank! But… I don’t need a fire type :(. To the Box.


So during the catching and shitty trainer battles, Sewaddle ended up learning Razor Leaf at level 15ish, which is its first grass move and a decent move overall. It used to be THE BOMB in first generation with Venusaur by the way.

Also, Mareep leveled up a bit and at level 16 evolved into Flaaffy. Giving it some more oomph and bulk. Also learned some dumb move I cannot remember.




So my current team heading into Gym #2 is (cannot remember what levels they were but they were 16-19 range)


Current Team:

Pignite- fire/fighting- Flame Charge, Arm Thrust, Return, Work Up
Sewaddle- grass/bug- Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Return, String Shot
Flaaffy- electric- Thundershock, Thunderwave, Return, something else



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