5 Amazing Spider-Man 2 Thoughts and Concerns


1. Too Many Villains
– Rhino is in the movie. Goblin is in the movie. Electro is in the movie. Electro is being played by Jamie Lee Fox so you know he is getting hella screen time. Green Goblin is THE villan for Spider-Man so you know he is getting HUGE screen time and it has to be good. And then there is… Rhino. That is a LOT to do in one movie. How often do you see the MCU movies setting up multiple villains. Hmmm let me think… never. And there is a reason… you have one movie to get the villain right because a lot of times they are killed off or written off for a long time. Using the time you have on multiple villains is going to be tricky.

2. Are We Getting the Same Old Goblin Origin?
– The problem with rebooting movies so quickly is that we get the same story again so quickly. Last movie, we saw Peter get bit by a spider and Uncle Ben die, ect. Yes, they changed some things. But we still had to go through the “learning his powers” stuff and “responsiblity” stuff. Blah blah blah. And now we get the Green Goblin in a movie… again. Are we going to get the same origin story as the last movie?

3. Does Sony have the Balls to Kill Gwen?
– Gwen Stacy was killed damn early in Spider-Man’s comic career… by the Green Goblin. But does Sony have the balls to pull it off even though she has become rather popular? And do they have the balls to kill her off like she was in the comics? We will see…

4. How Heavy Handed Will “Future Movie” Stuff Be?
– We already know Sony is trying to build their own little universe around Spider-Man. There have been mentions/confirmations on a possible Sinister Six movie and Venom movie. Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4 is already planned. So is ASM2 gonna focus on the task at hand or spend a bunch of the movie foreshadowing future movies?

5. What is All This Parker’s Dad Back Story About?
– This has me the most intrigued. I have no idea where they are getting this back story about Parker’s dad from. I am not sure if it is from the Ultimate Universe or if they are just making it up. But, that is one more thing this movie needs to start addressing after it was teased so much in the first one.


May 2014 Movie Preview


Best Theater Release: Godzilla (2014)

Best Home Release: I, Frankensten???

Best Red Box Release: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


Theater Release


Amazing Spider-Man 2

Date: May 2

Verdict: While not as excited as I am for other movies this year, it is still a solid top 10 choice and should at least be entertaining. I’ll be there.



Date: May 16

Verdict: YES. It look stunning. I may even see it in IMAX just because of the enormity of Godzilla. Cannot wait.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

Date: May 23

Verdict: Yep. Sure, the X-Men movies have been all over the place and the continuity between them is a mess and Singer and Co. have completely fucked up some things… but 4 of the 6 movies have been well above average (XM, X2, FC, Wolverine). This movie scares me a bit but I have high hopes.


A Million Ways to Die in the West

Date: May 30

Verdict: It has Liam Neeson in it, so it gets a spot just because its Liam Neeson. But… I don’t really do comedies.



Date: May 30

Verdict: For a movie that looks way out of my “thing”… it doesn’t look half bad. I don’t know if my wife would be interested or not.


Home Release


I, Frankenstein

Date: May 13

Verdict: No.


3 Days to Kill

Date: May 20

Verdict: No.



Date: May 20

Verdict: Hell no.


Red Box Release


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Date: May 6

Verdict: YES! Since I am not buying the regular version, I will be stuck with nothing until November. Therefore… Red Box is here to fill the void.


I, Frankenstein

Date: May 13

Verdict: While there is no chance I would buy it, for a dollar I will check it out. Looks interesting enough for that.



Date: May 20

Verdict: LOL no.




Escape Plan Review

escape plan poster


Rotten Tomatoe’s Review: 49%, 5.3/10

Audience: 57%, 7/10

Shadow’s Rating: 6/10– Oddly entertaining and not really what I expected. Doubt it has much value on repeat but definitely worth a one shot view.


Worth: Cheap Theater ($3) or Red Box ($1)


Plot in a Nutshell: Stallone specializes in breaking out of prisons for profit. He ends up in a prison on accident that is really hard to get out of. Oh, and Arnold is there so it is automatically above average.


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– I went in expecting an explosion filled action fest but it really isn’t much of that. Don’t get me wrong, we get that eventually but most of this movie is about Stallone trying to escape prisons and the Stallone/Arnold relationship. And the movie was still oddly entertaining.

– The movie is rather predictable but the journey through it was entertaining enough that it was’t too bothersome.

– A lot of the stuff that happened was of course rather… convenient. Your typical dumb bad guy, convenient escape stuff.

– Stallone’s “crew” seemed rather useless and I didn’t see the point of them even existing in the movie.

– I really cannot decide if this movie was relatively fun because I had really really low expectations or because it was actually entertaining.

– This is a one watch movie. Don’t think it would be entertaining a second time.


Spoiler Filled Thoughts…

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Superior Spider-Man Ends at Issue #31 and Peter Parker Officially Returns

When Peter Parker was “killed” or mind swapped by Doc Ock and he became the Superior Spider-Man, a lot of the internet bitched, moaned, and said stuff like, “this will be reversed in 10 issues!” Hell, I bitched and moaned about the death which I felt was weak.

But… I embraced SpOck and Superior Spider-Man from the get go and called it one of the must reads at Marvel at the time. Even though I thought the death was weak, I thought the idea was fantastic.

And it was. Superior Spider-Man is one of my favorite runs ever. It was great. It was refreshing to see a villain become a hero and try to be the hero in his own, crazy way. SpOck was a genius in his own right and a pretty damn good hero. Sure, he killed now but who gives a fuck? So does the Punisher and Wolverine.

And then it all went ot hell with the Goblin Nation stuff and as expected, SpOck’s own arrogance cost him in the end. We knew it was going to happen eventually (happening just in time for the movie is no coincidence either) because well… Spider-Man and Peter Parker are Marvel’s biggest gun at this point

We saw the real Peter return at the end of #30 and save the day Peter Parker style at #31. Of course, now he has to deal with the ramifications (both good and bad) of SpOck taking over his life and making enemies… the the Peter Parker luck is back and he is kind of back to his standard, bad luck life is hard public hates me quota. Just in time for the movie. Just sayin.

All in all, I will miss SpOck. I feel his ending was a bit rushed (just like Parker’s death) and seemed a bit abrupt. But the journey was great and this entire run goes in the “Favorite Comic Series” pile. The gamble paid off big time in my eyes. Let’s see if the real Peter Parker can hold my interest now.

So… RIP Superior Spider-Man. And hello Amazing Spider-Man #1 (and I believe some learning to crawl series).


Robocop (2014) Review



Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 49%, 5.5/10

Audience: 60%, 7/10

Shadow’s Rating: 5/10– This rating started as a 6 but the more I think about and forget the movie, the more forgettable it has become. There is really nothing special about this movie.


Worth: Red Box DVD Rental = $1


Plot in a Nut Shell: Bad company combines a human with mostly robot parts and Robocop is born. Predictable stuff happens because company is bad and Robocop is good.


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– This movie is just 100% predictable. There was nothing new added to the Robocop mythos and nothing to warrant remaking it. What you think will happen, happens and the journey through it isn’t exactly memorable.

– None of the acting stood out at all. Just average all around.

– I actually thought the “movieness” of it was lacking big time. It felt like a TV movie for whatever reason. Like the camera angles used or something. It just didn’t feel like a movie experience. Maybe it was just the theater I was at?

– I keep trying to think of any memorable action sequences and… nothing out of the ordinary and nothing incredible

– Some of the emotional beats and the “human or robot” stuff was somewhat compelling and made the movie almost worth the 3 bucks I spent.

– This wasn’t a BAD movie per say but it wasn’t anything special. If you get a chance to see it for 3 dollars or less knock yourself out, just don’t expect to be wowed or anything.

– I did like the design of Robocop… before he was turned black. I understand the in story reason for it though.

Training Update: Last 3 Weeks

Still doing an RTS style routine.

Recovering from a pulled hammy which is effecting things. Haven’t really be able to deadlift because of it

Also been working on the hook grip again. I think I have it figured out. Had to change how my hand positioning was.

Also, moved my grip out on bench to thumb from smooth on the suggestion of someone bigger than me lol. That didn’t start til like Week 3 I think.

Once again, highlights only.


Week 1:

Squats, belt: 365×5
3ct Pause Squat: 345×3
Front Squat: 245×5
Box Squat, no belt: 325×5
Competition Bench Press: 275×5
Bench Press: 285×5
3ct Pause BP: 250×5
Incline BP: 255×3
Floor Press: 265×7
Standing OHP: 135×7

Week 2:

3ct Pause Squat: 330×5
Front Squat: 255×4
Box Squat, no belt: 405×2
Competition BP: 285×4
Bench Press: 325×1, 340×0, 275×6
3ct Pause BP: 255×4
Incline BP: 230×7
Standing OHP: 145×6

Week 3:

Squat: 375×4
3ct Pause Squat: 340×4
Comp BP: 295×3
Bench Press: 295×4
3ct Bench Press: 255×4
Incline BP: 240×5
Floor Press: 285×5
Sumo Deadlift, hook: 405×1
Standing OHP: 170×3

Pokemon Update #7: Gym Badge #3


Time to hit the Castelia City Gym. Get to the front to see what type of gym it is…


LOL bug. Bug is such a shitty gym type because fire types are always pretty powerful and OHKO them easy. This is going to be a massacre. I just used Pignite to OHKO all the beginning trainers. The only bug type able to not get OHKO’d was Dwebble, which is a bug/rock type, therefore my fighting and fire moves are not super effective. Luckily Dwebble sucks though. The other trainers just had Swadloons and maybe one Karrablast.

Gym Battle #3:


trainercard-Shadow (3)

Pignite (26)-fire/fighting- Work Up, Return, Flame Charge, Arm Thrust
Leavanny (22)- grass/bug- Bug Bite, Struggle Bug, Razor Leaf, Return
Flaaffy (21)- electric- Thundershock, Thunderwave, Return, Rock Smash
Drilbur (19)- ground- Dig, Metal Claw, Return, Rock Smash


BURGH: Four bug type Pokemon. Likely to have at least a Dwebble, Karrablast, and a Swadloon. One of those will be evolved most likely.

– This went as expected. Burgh lead with Dwebble and I went with Pignite. I worked up once and easily tanked Dwebbles Rock Blast. Two Flame Charges later, Dwebbles dead. Next up was Karrablast which got OHKO’d easy. Then Shelmet which got OHKO’d easy. Then his last, big bad Pokemon was a level 26 Leavanny… which is 4x weak to fire… which got OHKO’d.

Winner: Shadow 4-0

MVP: Pignite once again.

In the process, Pignite went up to level 28. Won some TM I will never use. Time to move on. I will probably level up Drilbur a bit and maybe try and see if I can find that last Pokemon in the Sewer and Route 4.

The Raid 2: Berandal Review


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 80%, 7.3/10

Audience Rating: 94%, 9/10

Shadow’s Rating: 10/10– Was the extra plot needed in a movie with this kind of awesome, brutal action? Not sure. Don’t care. The last fight is worth 10/10 alone. Mother of God.


Worth: Theater View ($10) + New DVD Purchase ($14) = $24


Plot in a Nutshell: Rama goes undercover to try and destroy the crime in the city and works himself pretty far up. Shit hits the fan. PUNCH KICK STAB KILL KILL KILL KILL PUNCH KICK KILL SMASH STAB SLICE DIE OMFG THIS IS SO AWESOME.


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– DAT ACTION! Somehow, someway, they managed to make the fights even more awesome and even more vicious than The Raid: Redemption. Good lord. Imagine The Raid, but 2.5 hours long and amped up 50% lol.

– The violence and brutality somehow increased. Makes The Raid look PG-13.

– They also added a plot to the movie more than, “go up apartment killing people.” And… I am not sure this type of movie needed such an over arching, long, Godfather type plot. It really was like an Asian Godfather meets The Raid: Redemption.

– The final fight in this movie is probably better than Maddog vs the Brothers. Seriously. It was epic and long as hell. I caught myself with an “oh shit” face in the theater multiple times. It was beyond epic and one of the greatest boss fights ever.

– Rama is officially one of the biggest bad asses ever put on screen. He joins such bad asses as Rambo at the top. Dead serious. His rampage at the end is what legends are made of.

– Once again I had problems distinguishing some of the characters due to all the Asians. By the end I figured it out but I would imagine this problem because less of a problem the more times I watch the movie. There were just a LOT of characters introduced in this movie.

– The movie may have been trying to do too much with the blog. It was a really long movie and at some points it seemed to take the attention away from the main story line for no reason. Such as the introduction of the hobo assassin guy. Way too long and really not needed (although he fought like a boss). There were definitely some ways to trim the movie down a bit without losing anything.

– If you don’t see this movie, you are a slack jawed faggot.


Spoiler Filled Thoughts After the Jump…

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Pokemon Update #6: Double Evolution and More Team Members


So, after the gym there is some Team Plasma shennanigans. They are all real low level and really shitty right now with shit Pokemon so it is nothing to right home about. I head to Castelia City to “hunt them down” or some shit. I go around and do all the side missions and find trainers to fight ect ect. In the mist of that, Sewaddle evolved into Swadloon which is awesome because Sewaddle is pretty shit and I need it not to be because it feels a pretty big weakness on my team. Also learned Protect but that is all but useless in game.

grumpy Swadloon

Current Team:


– Pignite- fire/fighting
– Swadloon- grass/bug
– Flaaffy- electric


I then head up to Route 4 to see what Pokemon are up there.


Route 4:

– poison type

– I have no use for this piece of garbage (literally)

Darumaku- f
ire type

– Another pretty decent fire type. Really… all fire types are generally pretty damn decent with some oomph behind them. But obviously I do not need a fire type.

– dark/ground type team

– Sandile has an interesting typing as I do not have a dark type nor a ground type. Hits pretty damn hard with great coverage for my team… alright Sandile… WELCOME TO THE TEAM!

Current Team:

trainercard-Shadow (1)

– Pignite- fire/fighting
– Swadloon- grass/bug
– Flaaffy- electric
– Sandile- ground/dark


As I was leaving Route 4 seeing if I could find anything else useful (no), Swadloon leveled up again. And then… started evolving into Leavanny. Fuck yeah… happiness evolution is the easiest thing in the world in game. This is the last evolution (obviously) for this line. So I will get a decent idea how powerful he is and if it is worth keeping in the long run.


Current Team:

trainercard-Shadow (2)


– Pignite: fire/fighting
– Leavanny: grass/bug
– Flaaffy: electric
– Sandile: ground/dark


So, now I head into the sewers. I do a bunch of stuff with my rival and end up seeing Grimer and Koffing (but can’t catch them due to being with my rival) but I couldn’t find them later but no worries because I wouldn’t have used them anyway.


Castelia Sewers


– I actually like Crobat. It is faster than hell, I need a flyer… but poison typing kinda kills it and it doesn’t really learn any good moves to my knowledge. Eh… not worth it. Maybe I will change my mind later but I can’t see where I would use it a lot.


Relic Passage

– rock

– Evolves through trade. No thank you.

– normal

– Gen 1 OG! Really really sucks!

– psychic/flying

-The typing entices me. I need a flyer and I need a psychic and this has both! Both… I refuse. That is one of the worst character designs I have ever seen. Fuck that shit.


– fighting

– Evolves with a trade. Fighting type. No thanks.

– ground

– Well well well, what do we have here? Drilbur is a ground type that becomes a potent ground/steel type. Hmmm… I need a steel type due to their all-around awesomeness and the fact that they resist dragons (all E4 have a dragon trainer) and flying (which I am weak against right now). STAB earthquake is just epic. Hmmmmm… Fuck it… WELCOME TO THE TEAM. And since there is no reason to have two ground types on the team… sorry Sandile, YOU’RE FIRED.

Current Team:

trainercard-Shadow (3)

– Pignite- fire/fighting
– Leavanny- grass/bug
– Flaaffy- electric
– Drilbur- ground

Once I found Drilbur, I was ready to head out. The Pokedex is saying I am still missing someone but I don’t know who I haven’t seen that would be worth my time. I searched and searched but no luck So, off to the Castelia Gym.