Captain America: The First Avenger Review

This is a re-review of the movie. My first review was done after seeing it in the theaters twice. This new review was done after seeing the movie at least 5 times and with all the ins and outs of the Marvel Movie Universe. 

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Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 79%, 6.9/10

Audience Rating: 73%, 6.4/10

Shadow’s Rating: 8/10– This movie need that one, really really good action sequence or memorable action moment that it is missing. But it is still a super solid movie and well well above average.


Plot in a Nutshell: The Allies are looking to change the course of WW2 by creating a super soldier and choose puny Steve Rogers as the first one to become Captain America. A sub division of the Nazi’s called Hydra led by the Red Skull wants to destroy the world. The two sides fight. Plus… bridge to the Avengers movie.


 Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– Chris Evans is 100%, perfect casting for Steve Rogers and Captain America. Marvel is just so good an nailing their casting, even with people who are not big names.

– Hugo was good as the Red Skull as well. Although I wish Red Skull was a bit more evil and terrible (he is really one of the meanest son of a bitches in the comics) other than the generic “kill everyone” thing. He was well played though. And I love his new origin for the movie universe in comparison to the comics. Made him more of an equal for Cap.

– The rest of the cast is solid.

– A lot of people hate the fact that it is a 40’s period piece. I like it. Makes it stand out a bit more and gives you something different. Very few super hero films are set in the past (I can only think of X-Men: First Class off the top of my head) so that was cool. I can understand how the old school cheesiness may have been a bit much.

– The action in the movie was only slightly above average. It really needed an action moment that was like, “FUCK YES!” The final set piece was just ok. I did like the first time we saw Cap in action but the middle action pieces left a lot to be desired. Cap was almost too indestructible unless he faced Red Skull.

– I loved the music for this movie.

– On a first time view, the Avengers stuff may have been a bit heavy handed. But… since the MCU has been established and there have been multiple movies it fits better now. One of the beauties of the MCU.


Spoiler Filled Thoughts After the Jump…

– I really really do not like how Bucky died. I really think they should have had him go out more of a hero doing something heroic. Not pick up Cap’s shield and then get blasted. Probably my biggest complaint about the movie.

– The Red Skull being a failed super soldier experiment is a great change in the origin.

– The Howling Commandos needed WAY more screen time. I also would have liked to see Nick Fury on the team but I guess they are not going with the Infinity Formula idea. But, I am assuming they didn’t get more screen time because they were never planning on going back to the past so why waste the time?

– Couldn’t have Cap tried to land on the ice instead of crashing it into the water?

– Not a huge of the montage in the middle. It was ok but I think it could have been done a bit better.

– I wish they would have shown how Cap learned to fight lol.

– I really really wish they would have dropped an Easter egg about the SHIELD and Vibranium and Wakanda.


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