Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie Preview

All information is based on the trailers I have seen (I don’t watch them all due to spoilers), older movies, mainstream interviews, knowledge of comics, and other stuff. There will be very little spoilers but if I feel they are a spoiler they will be marked in BOLDED RED. — Shadow


Basic Plot: Captain America/Steve Rogers is basically working for SHIELD now doing missions. Judging from the trailers, Cap doesn’t agree with a lot of the missions and the “pre-emptiveness” of them. It also seems as if SHIELD may be slightly shady or they have a rogue branch that works for the bad guys. Also, this new, Terminator-like dude with a metal arm shows up who is just as fast and strong as Captain America and it seems like he wants to kill people.

Main Characters: Captain America, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson/Falcon, SHIELD


The Good Guys:


Steve Rogers/Captain America

Due to a super soldier serum that actually worked, he is blessed with enhanced speed, enhanced strength, enhanced reflexes, enhanced healing, ect. Basically, he is peak human. He also has a cool ass shield made of Vibranium that is impenetrable and he is excellent at throwing and bouncing it off objects and people  He is also a man out of his own time and stuck in a world he doesn’t know or understand. He currently works for SHIELD.


Black Widow

An Avenger/SHIELD agent/Spy. She is one of Fury’s most trusted agent. While just human, she is excellent in hand-to-hand combat, with weapons, and interrogation. She does have a very shady past that has only slightly been explored.


Nick Fury

The acting director of SHIELD and master manipulator and spy. It has been shown he will do basically anything to get what he wants. But he is also the Avenger’s biggest supporter inside SHIELD.


Sam Wilson/Falcon

In the comics, he is an who can telepathically talk to birds (especially Red Wing) who has wings made in Wakanda that allow him to fly. He actually got that ability due to the Red Skull and the Cosmic Cube aka Tesseract (the Cube was a lot different in the comics). He frequently teams up with Captain America  and is one of his closest friends. In the movie, I believe he is just a soldier/SHIELD agent with some cool tech that allows him to fly around.



Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division. Aka… a world CIA like group with the power to nuke cities on a whim. They are designed to protect the world against certain threats. So that makes them good guys I suppose for the time being.


The Bad Guys:


Winter Soldier

We know he is pretty damn strong and fast with a metal arm. We know he is at least as strong/fast as Captain America. The trailers make it seem like Widow knows something about him but that he is a “ghost.” We also know who the actor is for the Winter Soldier… but in case you don’t pay attention at all I will stop here. At the very bottom I will continue to talk about the Winter Soldier but it will be in bright red.


Batroc the Leaper

Batroc is a French mercenary/bad guys who is a master at French boxing/kick boxing. I would imagine he gets his ass beat relatively early in the movie in a cool display of how much of a boss Captain America is.


Brock Rumlow/Crossbones

Crossbones is a bad guy in the comics. I have no idea if he is a bad guy in the movie or not. He could be a good guy in this movie and end up with a bigger role in future movies? No idea. Anyway, he is just a human who is pretty good at killing people lol. He typically works for people like the Red Skull or whoever will pay him. It looks like he works for SHIELD in this movie.



In the numerous trailer, we see Captain America beating SHIELD agent’s ass and getting shot at by Quinjets. It obviously isn’t ALL of SHIELD as it seems Widow and Falcon are always hanging around him. But something is certainly going on behind the scenes there and this movie has been described as a political thriller/conspiracy movie.


More Winter Soldier: We also know through casting and due to the comics that Buck, Captain America’s best friend, is the Winter Soldier. So how that plays out on screen should be fascinating. In the comics, Winter Soldier remembers who he is due to the Cosmic Cube. That will not be the case this movie. In the comics, he is also a master assassin through the years who is only used by Russia or whoever when he is needed and then is put back into stasis. I imagine from previous movies that he lived through the fall in Captain America: The First Avenger due to experiments by Zola when Cap found him. Should be fascinating. He is also a supreme sniper just like he was shown to be in the movie. 




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