Marvel’s The Avengers Review

This is a re-review of the movie. My first review was done after seeing it in the theaters twice. This new review was done after seeing the movie probably 10 times and with all the ins and outs of the Marvel Movie Universe.

If you want to check out my original review, click HERE:


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 92%, 8/10

Audience Rating: 91%, 8.8/10

Shadow’s Rating: God Status— Still my favorite and best comic book movie ever made.


Plot in a Nutshell: Loki comes to Earth for the Tesseract. The title heroes from the other Marvel movies bicker with each other. Then this happens:
avengers circle
And the comic book world is forever changed.


Spoiler Free Review:

– This is still, after repeated viewings, my favorite comic book movie ever and one of my favorite movies ever. It is just so damn fun.

– The action is top notch. Comic book stuff happening everywhere. Hero vs. Hero fighting. Main Villain vs Hero fighting. Hero vs minion fighting. The action is so good that some of the other stuff in the movie gets overlooked in my opinion.

– Somehow, Whedon was able to make it so every character was able to do something useful and shine a bit. That is easy for powerhouses like Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, and even Cap, but doing that for Widow and Hawkeye is an achievement. Fury was even great in this movie and had time to shine in his own way.

– The acting was absolutely perfect from everyone.

– Loki was brilliant as the villain. Absolutely brilliant. I love scene in Germany personally.

– They kept all the power levels of the heroes/villains consistent throughout which is always good.

– The movie is still pretty funny. Obviously jokes are never as good the 15th time around, but certain moments are still able to get a chuckle out of me.

– The dialogue and bickering between the heroes before they came together was awesome. I loved all the witty banter and the one liners mixed with serious discussion.

– I once again love how Barton/Hawkeye is used here. So much better than his comic book counterpart. The way they explain his different arrows was perfect.

– I just love this movie. It is just so much fun. It really brought the comic books to to the screen and they went with it 100%. Not afraid at all of any comic book cheesiness or anything. It caused a revolution in the comic book movie business.


Spoiler Filled Review After the Jump…

– The Hulks “I am always angry” followed by the transformation and then the punch of the mech snake thing is still one of the greatest action movie scenes ever. Probably closely followed by Hulk smashing the shit out of Loki. Good Lord. The Hulk definitely stole the show.

– I loved the little “team ups” that happened in the battle of New York. Hulk and Thor teaming up to kill a mech snake. Iron Man and Cap teaming up with Iron Man reflecting a blast off Cap’s shield. Widow and Hawk fighting on the ground with Cap. Cap and Thor fighting together. Awesome Awesome Awesome.

– The hero vs hero fighting was done well. The Iron Man/Thor fight showed how powerful Thor is without making Iron Man look like a chump (while also showing off Cap’s Shield). Thor/Hulk as fantastic… showing how skilled of a warrior Thor is but also showing how utterly unstoppable Hulk is. Widow/Hawk was also done well.

– I mentioned before some of the… more serious moments that get lost in between all the action and one liners. Stuff like the Council willing to nuke New York on a whim, how shady SHIELD and even Fury are, Thor talking about how Earth is now ready for a higher form of war, worlds/realms that exist that even Asgard and the All-Father have no idea about, the scenes between Thor and Loki and how personal they seemed, the fear in Loki’s eyes after speaking with Thano’s second in command, ect.

– Widow had some of the best “dialogue” moments in the movie. Her scenes with Loki (MEWLING QUIM!) and Banner was just awesome.

– Coulson’s “death” in this now feels 100% different than when you first watch the movie because we know that he did not die. Instead of feeling sad he got murked, you just realize how freaking shady SHIELD is that they not only used the death to get what they want and moved the cards to hit home the point… but he never really actually died! They basically will do anything and everything to get what they want.

– The ending with all the aliens dropping dead for some reason is a bit of a cop out but the action pieces before hand were so awesome it didn’t matter.


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