Pokemon Update #5: Second Gym Badge Time


So, time for the second Gym. I honestly do not remember much due to the fact the gym wasn’t very memorable. It was a poison type gym and most poison types are pretty crappy. Some of the dual types are great (Venasaur, Crobat, Toxicroak, ect) but straight poison is pretty… eh. Especially in game when having a Wall and toxic stalling isn’t very effective.

Anyway, none of my Pokemon had any advantage in this gym. If I wanted to be cruel, I could have just used the Magnemite and laughed as every single attack didn’t work (poison cannot touch steel). But that is boring as hell and Magnemite sucks.

I blow through the beginning trainers, mostly using Sewaddle to level up a bit. Most of the Pokemon’s used were Koffings and Grimer’s, so I assume Roxxie will have more of the same.


Gym #2 Battle

Shadow: Pignite, Flaaffy, Sewaddle (in the 17-20 level range)
Roxxie- 3 poison type Pokemon. If I had to guess, I would say they are a Koffing, Grimer, and Venipede or some combination of that. I haven’t seen any other poison types that I can remember.

I just lead with Pignite and gave him whatever berry allows you to be cured from poison. The plan was to work up 1-3 times and then sweep with Flame Charge. I assumed they would try and poison me, I would get healed, and then I would sweep. And it worked just like that… except I never even got poisoned lol. She started with a level 17 Koffing which hit like a bitch and allowed me to get 3 Work Ups in. Preceded to wipe it from the board, then she sent in a level 17 Grimer. It was actually able to take 2 hits, and almost killed Pignite thanks to a critical hit. I thought I might be in a little trouble but then she sent out her last one, a level 19 Whirlipede. It was part bug type so it got OHKO’d to oblivion.

Winner: Shadow 3-0

MVP: Pignite


So that is that. I got TM Venoshock… which none of my Pokemon can use so it is completely worthless. Onto the next one…


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