Captain America: The Winter Soldier Post Credit Scene Explained

I am going to talk about the first post credit scene after the jump.

Some people are not comic book nerds so they may have no idea what was going on, so I will go through it step by step by memory. After the jump…

von Strucker

– Apparently, Hydra has many more underground units. This particular unit seems like by Baron von Strucker. In the comics, he is a human, “boss” of Hydra. He is granted some super human abilities due to a Death Spore thing (comics…) that gives him enhanced strength, durability, and a minor healing factor. He is often seen with something called ‘Satan’s Claw” which does bad guy stuff. I think it can whither people to nothing if I remember right.



– We see that this branch of Hydra/SHIELD has Loki’s scepter. How Fury let Loki’s scepter (or should we say Thano’s scepter?) get out of his sight I have no idea. Anyway, we know from Avengers that the scepter allowed Loki to control people and get in their heads. It can also shot some pretty powerful blasts. Rumor is that it might be one of the Infinity Stones and may be why Thano’s comes to Earth in Avengers 3. But then you get the question of why Thanos would willingly give up an Infinity Stone? Who knows but it is all internet rumor at this time.

– The credit makes it seem like Strucker has learned to use the scepter for something else… create miracles. Miracles in this case seems to be code for “create mutants” aka create people with their own powers/super human abilities. Marvel cannot use the word “mutant” due to Fox having X-Men’s movie rights. They mention all the volunteers (I doubt they volunteered…) died except two… the twins.

– The Twins are obviously Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Both as the children of mutant Magneto in the comics… but Marvel cannot mention mutant or Magneto their movies. Quicksilver is seen bouncing around his room. He is blessed with super speed and is the fastest person on Earth in Marvel comics I think. The girl on the right is his sister and is the Scarlet Witch. In the comics she has a ton of weird and different powers. He main power is that she has these Hex bolt things and she can alter probability (aka… try to shoot her with a gun and the gun jams randomly). She is also a magical character who uses Chaos magic which may or may not be a real thing in the comics. She is a reality warper at her strongers, who once, with a spell and three words… “No More Mutants” wiped out 99% of the mutants in the comics. In the movie, based on this trailer, it looks like she uses some form of telekinesis as we see her playing with blocks and then crushing one of them.

Movie Versions

– So, in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it is likely the twins will be bad guys in the beginning under the control of Strucker and then eventually end up as Avengers. That will be fun.


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