Pokemon Update #6: Double Evolution and More Team Members


So, after the gym there is some Team Plasma shennanigans. They are all real low level and really shitty right now with shit Pokemon so it is nothing to right home about. I head to Castelia City to “hunt them down” or some shit. I go around and do all the side missions and find trainers to fight ect ect. In the mist of that, Sewaddle evolved into Swadloon which is awesome because Sewaddle is pretty shit and I need it not to be because it feels a pretty big weakness on my team. Also learned Protect but that is all but useless in game.

grumpy Swadloon

Current Team:


– Pignite- fire/fighting
– Swadloon- grass/bug
– Flaaffy- electric


I then head up to Route 4 to see what Pokemon are up there.


Route 4:

– poison type

– I have no use for this piece of garbage (literally)

Darumaku- f
ire type

– Another pretty decent fire type. Really… all fire types are generally pretty damn decent with some oomph behind them. But obviously I do not need a fire type.

– dark/ground type team

– Sandile has an interesting typing as I do not have a dark type nor a ground type. Hits pretty damn hard with great coverage for my team… alright Sandile… WELCOME TO THE TEAM!

Current Team:

trainercard-Shadow (1)

– Pignite- fire/fighting
– Swadloon- grass/bug
– Flaaffy- electric
– Sandile- ground/dark


As I was leaving Route 4 seeing if I could find anything else useful (no), Swadloon leveled up again. And then… started evolving into Leavanny. Fuck yeah… happiness evolution is the easiest thing in the world in game. This is the last evolution (obviously) for this line. So I will get a decent idea how powerful he is and if it is worth keeping in the long run.


Current Team:

trainercard-Shadow (2)


– Pignite: fire/fighting
– Leavanny: grass/bug
– Flaaffy: electric
– Sandile: ground/dark


So, now I head into the sewers. I do a bunch of stuff with my rival and end up seeing Grimer and Koffing (but can’t catch them due to being with my rival) but I couldn’t find them later but no worries because I wouldn’t have used them anyway.


Castelia Sewers


– I actually like Crobat. It is faster than hell, I need a flyer… but poison typing kinda kills it and it doesn’t really learn any good moves to my knowledge. Eh… not worth it. Maybe I will change my mind later but I can’t see where I would use it a lot.


Relic Passage

– rock

– Evolves through trade. No thank you.

– normal

– Gen 1 OG! Really really sucks!

– psychic/flying

-The typing entices me. I need a flyer and I need a psychic and this has both! Both… I refuse. That is one of the worst character designs I have ever seen. Fuck that shit.


– fighting

– Evolves with a trade. Fighting type. No thanks.

– ground

– Well well well, what do we have here? Drilbur is a ground type that becomes a potent ground/steel type. Hmmm… I need a steel type due to their all-around awesomeness and the fact that they resist dragons (all E4 have a dragon trainer) and flying (which I am weak against right now). STAB earthquake is just epic. Hmmmmm… Fuck it… WELCOME TO THE TEAM. And since there is no reason to have two ground types on the team… sorry Sandile, YOU’RE FIRED.

Current Team:

trainercard-Shadow (3)

– Pignite- fire/fighting
– Leavanny- grass/bug
– Flaaffy- electric
– Drilbur- ground

Once I found Drilbur, I was ready to head out. The Pokedex is saying I am still missing someone but I don’t know who I haven’t seen that would be worth my time. I searched and searched but no luck So, off to the Castelia Gym.


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