The Raid 2: Berandal Review


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 80%, 7.3/10

Audience Rating: 94%, 9/10

Shadow’s Rating: 10/10– Was the extra plot needed in a movie with this kind of awesome, brutal action? Not sure. Don’t care. The last fight is worth 10/10 alone. Mother of God.


Worth: Theater View ($10) + New DVD Purchase ($14) = $24


Plot in a Nutshell: Rama goes undercover to try and destroy the crime in the city and works himself pretty far up. Shit hits the fan. PUNCH KICK STAB KILL KILL KILL KILL PUNCH KICK KILL SMASH STAB SLICE DIE OMFG THIS IS SO AWESOME.


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– DAT ACTION! Somehow, someway, they managed to make the fights even more awesome and even more vicious than The Raid: Redemption. Good lord. Imagine The Raid, but 2.5 hours long and amped up 50% lol.

– The violence and brutality somehow increased. Makes The Raid look PG-13.

– They also added a plot to the movie more than, “go up apartment killing people.” And… I am not sure this type of movie needed such an over arching, long, Godfather type plot. It really was like an Asian Godfather meets The Raid: Redemption.

– The final fight in this movie is probably better than Maddog vs the Brothers. Seriously. It was epic and long as hell. I caught myself with an “oh shit” face in the theater multiple times. It was beyond epic and one of the greatest boss fights ever.

– Rama is officially one of the biggest bad asses ever put on screen. He joins such bad asses as Rambo at the top. Dead serious. His rampage at the end is what legends are made of.

– Once again I had problems distinguishing some of the characters due to all the Asians. By the end I figured it out but I would imagine this problem because less of a problem the more times I watch the movie. There were just a LOT of characters introduced in this movie.

– The movie may have been trying to do too much with the blog. It was a really long movie and at some points it seemed to take the attention away from the main story line for no reason. Such as the introduction of the hobo assassin guy. Way too long and really not needed (although he fought like a boss). There were definitely some ways to trim the movie down a bit without losing anything.

– If you don’t see this movie, you are a slack jawed faggot.


Spoiler Filled Thoughts After the Jump…

– Them using the same actor for Maddog and the hobo assassin guy… what the fuck why? That was so off putting. I kept thinking Maddog somehow lived and was waiting for that twist and then… nothing. Just an assassin. So dumb.

– And fuck that last fight… GOD DAMN! It was beyond epic before the dude brought the blades out. And I totally forgot about the blades, he busted them out and I was like OH FUCK SHIT HOLY FUCK SHIT JUST GOT REAL YES!!!

– The two siblings were… interesting. Brutal. Got what they deserved from Rama.. aka fucked up and dead.

– That ending… is there a third one in the pipe line? Does Rama become the Japanese new atomic bomb of fists? Can’t Rama catch a break?

– The first fight int he prison stall is so inventive and so fucking cool.

– Didn’t quite understand why the son turned on Rama for. He didn’t do anything wrong. Didn’t he just see how much of a bad ass he was? Leave the fucker alone man.



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