Pokemon Update #7: Gym Badge #3


Time to hit the Castelia City Gym. Get to the front to see what type of gym it is…


LOL bug. Bug is such a shitty gym type because fire types are always pretty powerful and OHKO them easy. This is going to be a massacre. I just used Pignite to OHKO all the beginning trainers. The only bug type able to not get OHKO’d was Dwebble, which is a bug/rock type, therefore my fighting and fire moves are not super effective. Luckily Dwebble sucks though. The other trainers just had Swadloons and maybe one Karrablast.

Gym Battle #3:


trainercard-Shadow (3)

Pignite (26)-fire/fighting- Work Up, Return, Flame Charge, Arm Thrust
Leavanny (22)- grass/bug- Bug Bite, Struggle Bug, Razor Leaf, Return
Flaaffy (21)- electric- Thundershock, Thunderwave, Return, Rock Smash
Drilbur (19)- ground- Dig, Metal Claw, Return, Rock Smash


BURGH: Four bug type Pokemon. Likely to have at least a Dwebble, Karrablast, and a Swadloon. One of those will be evolved most likely.

– This went as expected. Burgh lead with Dwebble and I went with Pignite. I worked up once and easily tanked Dwebbles Rock Blast. Two Flame Charges later, Dwebbles dead. Next up was Karrablast which got OHKO’d easy. Then Shelmet which got OHKO’d easy. Then his last, big bad Pokemon was a level 26 Leavanny… which is 4x weak to fire… which got OHKO’d.

Winner: Shadow 4-0

MVP: Pignite once again.

In the process, Pignite went up to level 28. Won some TM I will never use. Time to move on. I will probably level up Drilbur a bit and maybe try and see if I can find that last Pokemon in the Sewer and Route 4.


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