Training Update: Last 3 Weeks

Still doing an RTS style routine.

Recovering from a pulled hammy which is effecting things. Haven’t really be able to deadlift because of it

Also been working on the hook grip again. I think I have it figured out. Had to change how my hand positioning was.

Also, moved my grip out on bench to thumb from smooth on the suggestion of someone bigger than me lol. That didn’t start til like Week 3 I think.

Once again, highlights only.


Week 1:

Squats, belt: 365×5
3ct Pause Squat: 345×3
Front Squat: 245×5
Box Squat, no belt: 325×5
Competition Bench Press: 275×5
Bench Press: 285×5
3ct Pause BP: 250×5
Incline BP: 255×3
Floor Press: 265×7
Standing OHP: 135×7

Week 2:

3ct Pause Squat: 330×5
Front Squat: 255×4
Box Squat, no belt: 405×2
Competition BP: 285×4
Bench Press: 325×1, 340×0, 275×6
3ct Pause BP: 255×4
Incline BP: 230×7
Standing OHP: 145×6

Week 3:

Squat: 375×4
3ct Pause Squat: 340×4
Comp BP: 295×3
Bench Press: 295×4
3ct Bench Press: 255×4
Incline BP: 240×5
Floor Press: 285×5
Sumo Deadlift, hook: 405×1
Standing OHP: 170×3


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