Robocop (2014) Review



Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 49%, 5.5/10

Audience: 60%, 7/10

Shadow’s Rating: 5/10– This rating started as a 6 but the more I think about and forget the movie, the more forgettable it has become. There is really nothing special about this movie.


Worth: Red Box DVD Rental = $1


Plot in a Nut Shell: Bad company combines a human with mostly robot parts and Robocop is born. Predictable stuff happens because company is bad and Robocop is good.


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– This movie is just 100% predictable. There was nothing new added to the Robocop mythos and nothing to warrant remaking it. What you think will happen, happens and the journey through it isn’t exactly memorable.

– None of the acting stood out at all. Just average all around.

– I actually thought the “movieness” of it was lacking big time. It felt like a TV movie for whatever reason. Like the camera angles used or something. It just didn’t feel like a movie experience. Maybe it was just the theater I was at?

– I keep trying to think of any memorable action sequences and… nothing out of the ordinary and nothing incredible

– Some of the emotional beats and the “human or robot” stuff was somewhat compelling and made the movie almost worth the 3 bucks I spent.

– This wasn’t a BAD movie per say but it wasn’t anything special. If you get a chance to see it for 3 dollars or less knock yourself out, just don’t expect to be wowed or anything.

– I did like the design of Robocop… before he was turned black. I understand the in story reason for it though.


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