Escape Plan Review

escape plan poster


Rotten Tomatoe’s Review: 49%, 5.3/10

Audience: 57%, 7/10

Shadow’s Rating: 6/10– Oddly entertaining and not really what I expected. Doubt it has much value on repeat but definitely worth a one shot view.


Worth: Cheap Theater ($3) or Red Box ($1)


Plot in a Nutshell: Stallone specializes in breaking out of prisons for profit. He ends up in a prison on accident that is really hard to get out of. Oh, and Arnold is there so it is automatically above average.


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– I went in expecting an explosion filled action fest but it really isn’t much of that. Don’t get me wrong, we get that eventually but most of this movie is about Stallone trying to escape prisons and the Stallone/Arnold relationship. And the movie was still oddly entertaining.

– The movie is rather predictable but the journey through it was entertaining enough that it was’t too bothersome.

– A lot of the stuff that happened was of course rather… convenient. Your typical dumb bad guy, convenient escape stuff.

– Stallone’s “crew” seemed rather useless and I didn’t see the point of them even existing in the movie.

– I really cannot decide if this movie was relatively fun because I had really really low expectations or because it was actually entertaining.

– This is a one watch movie. Don’t think it would be entertaining a second time.


Spoiler Filled Thoughts…

– I didn’t see the end coming with Arnold being the guy the warden wanted to find. Didn’t see that coming.

– Seemed like it would have been easier just to kill Stallone’s character….


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