Superior Spider-Man Ends at Issue #31 and Peter Parker Officially Returns

When Peter Parker was “killed” or mind swapped by Doc Ock and he became the Superior Spider-Man, a lot of the internet bitched, moaned, and said stuff like, “this will be reversed in 10 issues!” Hell, I bitched and moaned about the death which I felt was weak.

But… I embraced SpOck and Superior Spider-Man from the get go and called it one of the must reads at Marvel at the time. Even though I thought the death was weak, I thought the idea was fantastic.

And it was. Superior Spider-Man is one of my favorite runs ever. It was great. It was refreshing to see a villain become a hero and try to be the hero in his own, crazy way. SpOck was a genius in his own right and a pretty damn good hero. Sure, he killed now but who gives a fuck? So does the Punisher and Wolverine.

And then it all went ot hell with the Goblin Nation stuff and as expected, SpOck’s own arrogance cost him in the end. We knew it was going to happen eventually (happening just in time for the movie is no coincidence either) because well… Spider-Man and Peter Parker are Marvel’s biggest gun at this point

We saw the real Peter return at the end of #30 and save the day Peter Parker style at #31. Of course, now he has to deal with the ramifications (both good and bad) of SpOck taking over his life and making enemies… the the Peter Parker luck is back and he is kind of back to his standard, bad luck life is hard public hates me quota. Just in time for the movie. Just sayin.

All in all, I will miss SpOck. I feel his ending was a bit rushed (just like Parker’s death) and seemed a bit abrupt. But the journey was great and this entire run goes in the “Favorite Comic Series” pile. The gamble paid off big time in my eyes. Let’s see if the real Peter Parker can hold my interest now.

So… RIP Superior Spider-Man. And hello Amazing Spider-Man #1 (and I believe some learning to crawl series).



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