5 Amazing Spider-Man 2 Thoughts and Concerns


1. Too Many Villains
– Rhino is in the movie. Goblin is in the movie. Electro is in the movie. Electro is being played by Jamie Lee Fox so you know he is getting hella screen time. Green Goblin is THE villan for Spider-Man so you know he is getting HUGE screen time and it has to be good. And then there is… Rhino. That is a LOT to do in one movie. How often do you see the MCU movies setting up multiple villains. Hmmm let me think… never. And there is a reason… you have one movie to get the villain right because a lot of times they are killed off or written off for a long time. Using the time you have on multiple villains is going to be tricky.

2. Are We Getting the Same Old Goblin Origin?
– The problem with rebooting movies so quickly is that we get the same story again so quickly. Last movie, we saw Peter get bit by a spider and Uncle Ben die, ect. Yes, they changed some things. But we still had to go through the “learning his powers” stuff and “responsiblity” stuff. Blah blah blah. And now we get the Green Goblin in a movie… again. Are we going to get the same origin story as the last movie?

3. Does Sony have the Balls to Kill Gwen?
– Gwen Stacy was killed damn early in Spider-Man’s comic career… by the Green Goblin. But does Sony have the balls to pull it off even though she has become rather popular? And do they have the balls to kill her off like she was in the comics? We will see…

4. How Heavy Handed Will “Future Movie” Stuff Be?
– We already know Sony is trying to build their own little universe around Spider-Man. There have been mentions/confirmations on a possible Sinister Six movie and Venom movie. Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4 is already planned. So is ASM2 gonna focus on the task at hand or spend a bunch of the movie foreshadowing future movies?

5. What is All This Parker’s Dad Back Story About?
– This has me the most intrigued. I have no idea where they are getting this back story about Parker’s dad from. I am not sure if it is from the Ultimate Universe or if they are just making it up. But, that is one more thing this movie needs to start addressing after it was teased so much in the first one.


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