Last Trailer I am Watching from Guardians of the Galaxy

I don’t want to spoil anymore of the movie for myself, but we get a much better look at well… everyone including Ronan, Rocket, and Groot.

Seriously, this movie looks like so much damn fun. And we still have no idea what the bad guys motivation is (probably something to do with the orb/Infinity Stone) and we still haven’t seen Thanos.


Transformers 4 Trailer #2 Has Officially Hooked Me

Optimus Prime riding a Transformer T-rex (yes I know its Gridlock) who can breath fire? With a giant SWORD.

No more trailers needed. Here is my debit card Mr. Bay.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Review


Shadow’s Rating: 10/10–One of the better X-Men, and comic book movies, out there today.

Shadow’s Theater Rating: 10/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 10/10

Worth: Theater ($10) + Blu Ray ($20) = $30

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 91%, 7.6/10
Audience: 95%, 9/10

5 Other Reviews:
Best/Worst Movie Ever
Rorr, ComicBookMovie


Plot in a Nut Shell: The X-Men that are still alive in a world dominated by unstoppable Sentinels send Wolverine’s mind back in time to bring young Xavier out of hiding to stop Mystique from killing Boliver Trask which leads to the horrible future they are in (whew). Unfortunately for everyone, nothing is ever easy when it involves the government, Magneto, Xavier, Mystique, and Wolverine.


Spoiler-Free Thoughts…

– My new order for the X-Men movies: X2, DoFP, First Class, The Wolverine (unrated), X-Men, Origins, The Last Stand. This movie is definitely in that upper class of X-Men movies.

– This was one of the better time traveling movies out there. Easily. The time travel stuff was really really easy to understand. There were not any time paradoxes ala Terminator which makes your brain hurt thinking about it. It didn’t take a masters in calculus to understand. It was simple, they got it across in 60 seconds, and it didn’t bother you the rest of the movie. Well done.

– Focusing on the First Class cast was the right way to go. They essentially focused on First Class but added Wolverine and better action to it. Nicely done.

– While this movie was about saving the future, they decided to make it more personal by really making it about saving Mystique’s/Raven’s soul and bring Xavier back to the Xavier we all know. Which added a whole lot more emotion in the movie instead of simply “stop bad guy Trask.”

– Young Xavier and Magneto were just played so well once again. They add so much emotion to the roles it is just epic to see.

– Wolverine had a MUCH different role in this movie. Instead of being a ball of rage with knives stuck in his hands, he is a mentor and the force that gets Xavier to become Xavier again. And the explanation to why he had to be sent back in time and not someone else was perfect. Plus, once again, somehow Hugh got even more jacked. Good lord, is he hanging out with Stallone?

– Let us talk about the future X-men a bit. I think the new future guys said about 10 words combined lol. They were put into the movie to show off powers and add some action sequences to the movie. The REAL bulk of the movie focuses on young Xavier, young Magneto, young Mystique, Wolverine, and Beast. The future was around just to show off some cool X-men powers and to show how shitty things have gone for everyone because the Sentinels are unstoppable.

– Blink’s powers were SUPER cool on screen. Bishop’s were pretty cool too but Blink definitely stole the show for the new X-men in the future. Warpath was a huge disappointed and Sunspot was essentially Human Torch.

– Like everyone else, I was wrong about Quicksilver. Yes, his costume was dumb as fuck but wow, he stole the show when he was in the movie. That was a very cool way to show off super speed. The Avengers’ version better take some notes because that was awesome.

– The action parts were above average in this movie. Most of the “cool” action scenes were set in the future as those mutants have much more colorful powers than Wolverine, Xavier, Beast, and Mystique. The Quicksilver scene was of course a plus. But, other than Quicksilver, this movie lacked memorable moments action wise. It isn’t like say… Avengers where I could name 5 memorable action scenes in a heartbeat or X2 where the mansion and White House scenes were beyond epic.

– This movie definitely does NOT explain a lot of the continuity issues. For example, explaining how Xavier is back in his body and how Wolverine has adamantium claws. In fact, it even adds some things that could be seen as issues. But, overall, it isn’t distracting and it doesn’t take away from the movie. Fox surely learned its lesson and will stop fucking up stuff now.

– The end credit scene is worth staying for if you were a fan of the comics or cartoon. Otherwise, you will have NO idea what the fuck is happening because it really doesn’t have to do with the movie at all. I have already been messaged/texted by people asking me WTF that had to do with anything lol. It was TOO much of a tease because casuals are 100% confused by it.


Spoiler-Filled Thoughts After the Jump

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X-Men: Days of Future Past Initial Reaction


Did it fix everything? Hell no. Did it make some things even more “what wut?” yes.

Was it an awesome movie? Yes, indeed it was. Went in a much different direction than I expected (I only watched 2 trailers and I stay away from most reviews). A much more personal story than you would think going into it.

Better than Captain America 2? I don’t think so but my brother thought it was a bit better.

Either way… this movie season continues to kick ass. Except Spider-Man, you failed us web crawler.

Hope to have the review done tomorrow evening considering I don’t have to work.

14 Reasons Why My Gold’s Gym Sucks

1. No Deadlifting/Rowing/Noise
– Mandatory. Sure, the plates are iron, the floors have rubber, and their would be plenty of room for at least one platform if they got rid of one glute machine. But don’t you dare do ANYTHING that will disturb the people watching TV as they walk at 0.5 MPH. How will they be able to here what is going on on TMZ if you are making noise lifting?

2. No Chalk
– The bars are slick as hell because they are cheap as shit. But don’t you dare think about using any sort of chalk.

3. Bent Bars
– I really do not know how bars get bent so badly at commercial gyms. You cannot deadlift or rack pull so they shouldn’t be doing it. No one there is strong enough to bend a bar squatting and doing rack lockouts on bench. How does this happen? Either way, it freaking sucks. Nothing is more fun than having a bar roll when you are doing heavy squats or front squats.

4. Gym Bros
– These people are so fucking infuriating. Douschebags high fiving each other after tag team bench. Wrist curls in the squat rack. Supersetting 15 things all together. High squats. High benches. Tight tank tops to show off their “muscles.” These fucks keep gyms alive and if they are not in my way I don’t really care, but at Gold’s they are EVERYWHERE and they are ALWAYS in the way.

5. Watching Trainers Rip Off People
– Personal training is just sad at most places and Gold’s is probably one of the worst. They have their people do the dumbest shit I have ever seen. I think there “certification” is probably going on Youtube and typing in, “dumb shit to do at the gym.” I don’t even want ot know how much it costs to spend 30 minutes hopping over stair steppers.


9 More Reasons After the Jump

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Expendables 3 Is Going To Be Rated PG-13 Because This World Sucks

When you think Expendables… what do you think? The first things that pop in my head are:

– Stallone
– Arnold
– Bruce Willis
– Steroids
– Blood
– Guns
– Explosions
– Testosterone
– Explosions, Guns, Blood, Testosterone x10000

Expendables is supposed to be THE throwback the 90’s action films. These films were full on testosterone explosions, were rated R, and people loved that shit. The first two Expendables had their issues (#1 tried too hard to be a good movie, #2 didn’t try enough but was fun as shit), but one thing is for sure: they were rated R, shit got exploded, people got exploded, and more important: automatic shot gun.


News hit recently that Expendables 3 will be rated… PG-13. God damnit.

The reason is simple: Money. PG 13 movies simply make more than R rated movies. The world is simply full of a bunch of pussies who can’t handle R rated movies. Don’t send you kids to a movie with guns, muscles, blood, and explosions, but go ahead and let them watch MTV, BET, and the Kardashians.

*sigh*… Fuck this Gay Earth


X-Men: Days of Future Past in Theaters Today

The kinda sequel to The Wolverine/The Last Stand and First Class via time travel has arrived.

Is it going to be The Last Stand/Origins quality? Or First Class/X2 quality?

So far, the reviews have all been fantastic. Supposedly, the action set pieces are great, the stuff in the past continues where First Class left off, and it sets up X-Men movies in the future very well.

On the negative side, it is the same ol’ Fox X-Men… aka a lot of comic stuff is just ignored (at this point, you are just used to it if you are a comic fan), mutants thrown in just because, and some continuity stuff is never explained. But at this point, if this shit is driving you nuts, you probably don’t care to see an X-Men film anyway.

I will be seeing this sometime this long weekend… hopefully Sunday morning at the latest. Pretty excited, expectations are high and this has been a damn good movie season so far.

I was hoping to re-review all the other films but yeah… that was a bit daunting and ambitious lol. I am rewatching them though.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Preview

All information is based on the trailers I have seen (I don’t watch them all due to spoilers), older movies, mainstream interviews, knowledge of comics, and other stuff. There will be very little spoilers but if I feel they are a spoiler they will be marked in BOLDED RED. — Shadow

Basic Plot: The future for mutants, and seemingly humans too, is terrible, as these robot mutant killer things called Sentinels have essentially killed everything. So, they send Wolverine’s mind back in time to his younger body (comic books man) to change the past by recruiting Magneto and Xavier and Co. from the First Class movies. And fix all the continuity holes in the process.

Yeah, that isn’t very basic lol.

Main Characters: Old Magneto, Young Magneto, Old Xavier, Young Xavier, Old Wolverine, Young Wolverine, Young Beast, Young Mystique, Boliver Trask, Early Sentinels, New Sentinels

More Characters: Old Kitty Pryde, Quicksilver, Bishop, Colossus, Iceman, Sunspot, Bishop, Blink, Storm, Havok, Young Toad, Young Stryker, Rogue, Warpath

Expectations: HIGH— I expect this movie to fix a lot of the plot holes from the past, give a clear direction for the future, and be as entertaining as First Class. I am expecting an 8/10 movie at minimum.


The Good Guys:


Past/Future Wolverine

Wolverine is mutant born with one of the strongest healing factors out there, bone claws, and enhanced sense of smell and hearing who later was fused with indestructible adamantium making him even more formidable. His future mind is sent back into his past body (pre-adamantium) to unite Xaver and Magneto and stop the current future from happening.


Past/Future Xavier

Xavier is one of the strongest mutants ever and one of the strongest telepaths around. In the future timeline, he is… dead? Or at least his body was disintegrated by Phoenix and his mind was transferred to a comatose patient (comic books). Somehow he gets his body back and helps send Wolverine’s mind to the past. In the past, it seems he is a depressed, lonely dude who has abandoned his dream due to the events of First Class.


Past/Future Magneto

Magneto is one of the strongest mutants ever with the ability to manipulate metal/electromagnetic spectrum. Last we saw him in the movies, he was powerless… until the post credit scene of The Wolverine where he seemingly has his powers back. In the past, Magneto is a mutant terrorist, last seen creating his own brotherhood of sorts with Azazel, Riptide, Angel, Mystique, and Emma Frost.


Other Past X-Men: Beast, Quicksilver, Havok, Toad

Nobody is sure how much screen time any of these guys get. Beast looks like he may be pretty involved and Quicksilver is rumored to have one (excellent) scene. Havok and Toad on the other hand? Could just be fodder.

Other Future X-Men: Storm, Kitty Pryde, Bishop, Sunspot, Colossus, Blink, Iceman, Warpath

Kitty Pryde is rumored to be essential to sending Wolverine’s body to the past somehow. I would highly expect that the rest of these guys are nothing but fodder and killed violently by future Sentinels.


The Bad Guys:


Boliver Trask

He creates the Sentinel program in response to mutants. It looks like things take a turn for the worse lol.


Past Sentinels

From what I have seen, these seem made of metal, somewhat robotic, and easily controlled by Magneto. Basically though, they are mutant hunter/killers… designed to seek and destroy mutants on command.


Future Sentinels

These seem like the movie version of “Nimrod.” Super advanced cyborg Sentinels with a variety of powers and much more difficult to destroy than the first Sentinels. And judging from the future, it looks like they do a pretty good job.


Past Mystique?

The shape shifting mutant Mystique has me very confused. It looks like she goes rogue and may have something to do with what gets Past Magneto put in prison. I honestly cannot tell… I didn’t see anything in trailer where it looked like she was a “good” guy so here she goes for now.


My 5 Favorite Things In the X-Men Movies

1. Excellent Casting Decisions

The casting choices for both Magnetos, both Xaviers, Wolverine, Stryker, Old Beast, Old Mystique, Wade Wilson (not Deadpool!), and Shaw were excellent in my opinion. Especially Wolverine, Magneto, and Xavier.

2. Certain Changes to the Source Material

Changing comic book source material is tricky… but a few of the things Fox changed were actually pretty damn cool. This includes…

– Magneto’s origin
– Magneto being a Nazi Hunter
– Xavier’s origin
– Wolverine and Sabertooth being half brothers
– Phoenix being a personality trait, but a weird cosmic bird of fire thing that really makes no sense

3. These Memorable Action Sequences and Moments

– Nightcrawler at the White House
– Wolverine in the Mansion
– The Wolverine Bullet Train Scene
– Magneto Hunting Nazis in Brazil
– Magneto and Shaw

4. The Wolverine, First Class, and X2

Seriously, these movies are absolutely fantastic. People tend to focus too much on the negatives of X-men without remembering they produced 3 EXCELLENT movies and one other (X-Men) that was pretty damn good too. For all the hate Fox gets, it only produced two “bad” movies, and both of those were at least fun as well. There are no Spider-Man 3, Ghost Rider, Elektra, or Daredevil in this group of movies in my opinion.

5. The Potential For So Much More

There is a reason Fox bought the X-Men and it is the fact there is SO MUCH excellent source material there. So many great characters. So many great villains.

And while we have gotten 6 movies, so much has been left untouched. And with Days of Future Past coming and the fact the rest of the world saw how much money the Avengers made with a REAL comic book movie…

There is so much potential with X-Men. We are finally getting Sentinels after years and years of being confused as why they haven’t been put on screen. Apocalypse is coming soon, hopefully with ArchAngel and the Horseman. X-Force, which in the comics has always been one of my favorite books, is coming soon. Channing Tatum just signed to be Gambit, which means my favorite mutant will be getting a movie soon-ish (whether I like Tatum or not… it can’t be any worse than the Origins version right?). Wolverine 3 is coming down he pipeline.

With DoFP seemingly fixing everything nad officially rebooting the franchise, you also have the possibility of a real Iceman, Cyclops, and Angel. Mr. Sinister has still never been on screen. Onslaught. Omega Red. Mojo. Shi’ar. Ect ect ect.

Hopefully, DoFP keeps everything moving in a positive direction and lives up to its potential.


5 Things That Piss Me Off About the X-Men Films

1. Not Using the Big Villains 

– When I think “X-Men Villains” certain awesomeness pops in my head. One is Magneto and we have seen a ton of him in the 6 movies… and he has been done extremely well. Then I think of villains such as Apocalypse (nothing), Mr. Sinister (nothing), Sentinels (finally happening), Onslaught (nothing), Juggernaut (not done right), Omega Red (nothing), ect. It seems that is slowly changing with Sentinels coming up next and Apocalypse afterwards. But so far, we have gotten Magneto, Stryker, more Magneto, a tiny bit of Dark Phoenix, more Stryker, Viper?, and Shaw.

4 More Reasons After the Jump…

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