Justice League: War (Animated) Review



Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: n/a

Audience: 81%, 8/10

Shadow’s Rating: 5/10– The whole movie is pretty much fighting. Fighting between heroes. Fighting between heroes and bad guys. Verbal fighting. The plot is as thin as the comic book it was based on.

Worth: Used DVD= $8


Plot in a Nut Shell: The most well known DC heroes slowly get together after fighting with each other to stop an alien invasion to form the Justice League. There is lots of fighting. So, it’s like the Avengers movie, but shittier and with no heart.


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– This movie is pretty much just one big reason to watch DC’s biggest guns fight. Fight each other. Fight Darkseid’s goons. Fight Darkseid. This is literally the only thing that happens in the movie. There are a few funny lines of dialogue but… fight fight fight. I love a good fight, don’t get me wrong, and I love action… but this literally had no real plot. The plot was thin as hell.

– The dialogue between Batman and Green Lantern was the only memorable dialogue in the whole movie. Well, some of the Shazam/Cyborg stuff was good.

– I hate Shazam with a passion. He took Aquaman’s spot in this for some reason. Bleh. Aquaman is a BOSS in the nu52 so don’t laugh. I guess they are making another, Aquaman centric movie but still… lame.

– Wonder Woman was a pretty big bad ass in this. Really stood out. Superman was classic Superman but slightly more… angry or something. Flash seemed to barely be in the movie. Green Lantern  was a joke really.

– At least they got how much of a bad ass Darkseid. He straight up kicked some ass.

– There is an after credit scene, so check that out.


Spoiler Filled Thought After the Jump…

– This is one of m new, all time favorite gifs now…


talk about being owned then insulted.

– The fact Batman gave up his secret identity at the drop of a hat still boggles my mind. It was dumb in the comics and just as dumb here.

– I liked the plan to poke out Darkseid’s eyeballs. Neato. The fact Shazam kept fucking up due to being a kid is also neato.

– It looks like from the post credit scene that the war with Atlantis will be the next movie. I have high hopes for that one.


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