Godzilla (2014) Initial Reaction

I am sitting here kind of disappointed.

Was it a good MOVIE? To an extent. It was essentially a disaster movie with monsters being the cause of the disaster. I get what they were trying to do and the overall ton of the movie was great.

Was it a good ACTION MOVIE? … probably… no? The rumors are true about the movie. You don’t really get to see Godzilla unleash until the last act of the movie. Most of the movie is spent watching the military and scientist bumble around with dumb plans and react to giant monsters fucking up shit and then watching civilians run.

Using the only rating system worth a shit… was the movie entertaining? Yes, I was entertained to an extent. Will the movie continue to entertain me on future viewings? Right now, that answer is probably a no. I think I would get bored.

This movie comes down to a few questions on whether you will like it or not…

1) Is the last 20 or so minutes of Godzilla worth the build up?
2) Does the human part of the movie keep you entertained enough before Godzilla is unleashed?

I haven’t been this conflicted about a movie in a long time. I hope to get this review done faster than normal as X-men is comign up and I have a billion posts ready for that.


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