Welcome to X-Men Week!


It seems absolutely weird, but the first X-Men movie started way back in 2000! There have been six movies spanning 14 years with Days of Futures Past making it seven in 14 years. That is… wowza.

It has been a weird ride to get to Days of Future Past. The first X-Men has sometimes been credited for starting the comic book movie trend (that is wrong, it was Blade) and was solid in its own right. X2 was downright fantastic and one of the best comic book movies ever.

White House scene is still one of the GOAT

And then things got bumpy. The Last Stand was a mess all around, with the butchering of the Phoenix story line and apparent deaths of some really key characters (Cyclops, Jean, Xavier). It was like Fox was saying “no mas” and decided to end that part of the franchise. Everyone was still stuck in “trilogy” mode instead of keeping franchises going. Fox decided to continue to ride the back of the most famous X-Man, Wolverine, with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This was another rough ride. Although fun in a vacuum, it straight up butchered some key characters and for some reason decided to destroy continuity by throwing people such as Xavier into the movie for no reason and having a Sabertooth that was much different from the Sabertooth in X-Men. I enjoy the movie, it was just too… bright and super heroy for a movie focusing on Wolverine dark, brutal past.

That horrible rendition of Gambit deserved this

Four movies in, nobody really knew what was coming next. The last two movies made lots of money (relatively), but were panned by critics and pissed off the comic book fanboys. The nerds at this point were getting pissed at the Wolverine fixing everything focus of the movies. Fox decided to go back and reboot everything with another prequel… X-Men: First Class. Focusing on Xavier building the school and Magneto’s origins, it was supposed to be a new beginning for the X-Men franchise. And then the movie starts with the same beginning as the original X-Men movie (the Magneto in Nazi Germany scene) and once again everyone was confused as fuck. It then continued to completely baffle everyone continuity wise, with the edition of a grown Emma Frost (who was a child in Origins), Xavier becoming paralyzed (he was walking in Origins), and Mystque being best friends with Xavier (wut?) among other things. Luckily however… the movie was fantastic, fresh, and the Magneto/Xavier relationship was beyond epic. Sure, no one knew what the fuck was going on over at Fox but at least the movie was good again.

Then came more Wolverine, this time with The Wolverine. When the movie was being developed, everyone assumed it was going to follow Origins. We were then stunned and punched in the face by Fox when they announced it followed Last Stand. What… wut? Most people assumed that trilogy was over and done with and First Class was a new start. So… why start after the trilogy again? Once again though, continuity aside the movie was fantastic. It was the darker, grittier movie we want with Wolverine and due to the fact it involved no other X-Men characters, continuity didn’t really matter anyway.

and Hugh keeps getting more jacked.

Until… the after credit scene. With a powered up old Magneto (who lost his powers in Last Stand) and a fully powered, telepathic, old Xavier (who was evaporated by Phoenix in Last Stand) showing up to tell Wolverine they need him.

And with that, we have X-Men: Days of Future Past. A time traveling movie that starts in the future with the old X-Men from the first trilogy before sending Wolverine to the past via comic book stuff to be with the X-Men from the First Class movies. So, this movie not only has to not suck, but it has to fix a ton of the continuity errors brought on by a lack of direction by Fox. Oh, and explain how Xavier is alive and in his old body. Lol. God damnit Fox.

So welcome to X-Men week. I have loved the X-Men since the 90’s animated cartoon (like everyone else), like to love all the movies, and also read the comic books. This week, expect posts on…

– Things I Hate About the X-Men Films
– Things I Love About the X-Men Films
– Things to Remember from the X-Men Films
– X-Men: Days of Future Past Preview
– Re-Reviews of All 6 X-Men Movies

It is going to be a busy week for me. Oh and for those keeping score at home, my three favorite X-Men of all time are…

1. Gambit
2. Nightcrawler
3. Wolverine

Top 3 Favorite X-Men Villains…

1. Apocalypse
2. Magneto
3. Mr. Sinister


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