5 Things That Piss Me Off About the X-Men Films

1. Not Using the Big Villains 

– When I think “X-Men Villains” certain awesomeness pops in my head. One is Magneto and we have seen a ton of him in the 6 movies… and he has been done extremely well. Then I think of villains such as Apocalypse (nothing), Mr. Sinister (nothing), Sentinels (finally happening), Onslaught (nothing), Juggernaut (not done right), Omega Red (nothing), ect. It seems that is slowly changing with Sentinels coming up next and Apocalypse afterwards. But so far, we have gotten Magneto, Stryker, more Magneto, a tiny bit of Dark Phoenix, more Stryker, Viper?, and Shaw.

4 More Reasons After the Jump…

2. Horrible, Horrible Misuse of Key Characters

Fox took some of these characters and butchered them so badly it disgusts me to think about sometimes. It is like the only research they did in these movies is look up their powers. For instance…

Cyclops: Quick, what did Cyclops accomplish in the 6 movies? If you answer is “nothing,” congratulations! The field leader of the X-Men and Xavier’s right hand man does dick all in any of the movies. And was killed in the 3rd one because… I don’t know? Without Xavier that would have been the perfect time to show Cyclops leadership, and instead he was killed. Off screen.
Gambit: FUCK. A great instance of throwing a character in a movie for no real reason. Why he showed up in a Wolverine origin film I have no idea. But, one of the biggest things about Gambit is that he is from the Thieve’s Guild. Was that discussed? Nope… he is just a card throwing mutant who jumps around with a staff who happens to be good at poker. Fuck.
Deadpool: GOD DAMNIT. How can you nail Wade Wilson and fuck up Deadpool that badly? I don’t even want to talk about this… they gave him laser eyes man… moving on quickly before I start crying…
Juggernaut: They turned him into a mutant for one. For two, he is Xavier’s brother… but he didn’t recognize him and vice versa. And… they got knocked out running into a wall. The Juggernaut.
Silver Samurai: I loved The Wolverine but they turned mutant Silver Samurai into a robot for some unknown reason.
Ice Man: A mutant with unlimited potential,  essentially immortal in the comics, and kind of a wise guy whose own mind holds him back from reaching his potential… was turned into a boring teenager who shoots some snow sometimes and made a ice wall.
Emma Frost: Queen of the Hell Fire Club… turns into Shaw’s bitch essentially.
Azazel: Demon from Hell turned into Shaw’s lackey who didn’t say 2 words the whole movie.

3. Continuity Errors Galore

Where to begin… Days of Future Past has a lot of work to do…

– Xavier walking in Origins. Or walking in the flashback when he meets young Jean Grey.
– Beast keeps bouncing back and forth from human and blue beast man.
– Xavier fully alive in Wolverine after credit scene
– First trilogy giving credit for Cerebro to Charles and Magneto… Beast building it in First Class
– Mystique essentially being Charles’ sister in First Class but having no interaction in first first trilogy
– Emma Frost being a kid in Origins and an adult in First Class
– Sabertooth having no brotherly interactions with Wolverine in X-Men despite being brothers. Also, where the hell is he in X2 and X3… falling in water kills someone with a healing factor almost as good as Wolverines? What?
– Magneto builds own helmet in the first trilogy… steals from Shaw in First Class.
– Xavier says Jean, Scott, and Storm were first students… in First Class, you have Beast, Banshee, Havok…
– Where did Nightcrawler go?

4. Throwing in Characters Just Because

The following is a list of characters that seemed to be thrown into X-Men movies for no real reason:

– Xavier in Origins
– Cyclops in Origins
– The black dude played by Will I Am in Origins
– Angel
– Psylocke
– Kitty Pryde
– Rogue (except in the first one)
– Gambit

5. Not Seeing Wolverine’s Dark Past

– In X1, Wolverine had a past that he couldn’t remember. X2, Xavier wouldn’t tell him stuff and Stryker filled in some gaps by mentioning his “dark” past and how he was nothing but an animal. Then origins came, where we would finally see his dark past. See why he was “the best there is at what he does, but what he does isn’t very nice.” And then origins came…

And the only “dark” thing we saw him due with Stryker was… walk away from the group? Da fuck?

We saw Sabertooth eager to kill and do what he was told. We saw Agent Zero kill on command. Saw Blog kill on command. Saw Wade kill on command. We saw Wolverine… do nothing at all. Ever. What a fucking disappointment. It was like Fox was afraid of painting Logan as a bad guy, when his dark past is what makes him such a compelling hero. But instead, we got to see him cuts some logs and talk about some stupid Native American story.


One thought on “5 Things That Piss Me Off About the X-Men Films”

  1. My favorite X-Man is Cyclops so I pretty much hate how badly he’s been used. Hopefully this next set of films actually does right by him and doesn’t just make it the Wolverine show again.

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