X-Men: Days of Future Past in Theaters Today

The kinda sequel to The Wolverine/The Last Stand and First Class via time travel has arrived.

Is it going to be The Last Stand/Origins quality? Or First Class/X2 quality?

So far, the reviews have all been fantastic. Supposedly, the action set pieces are great, the stuff in the past continues where First Class left off, and it sets up X-Men movies in the future very well.

On the negative side, it is the same ol’ Fox X-Men… aka a lot of comic stuff is just ignored (at this point, you are just used to it if you are a comic fan), mutants thrown in just because, and some continuity stuff is never explained. But at this point, if this shit is driving you nuts, you probably don’t care to see an X-Men film anyway.

I will be seeing this sometime this long weekend… hopefully Sunday morning at the latest. Pretty excited, expectations are high and this has been a damn good movie season so far.

I was hoping to re-review all the other films but yeah… that was a bit daunting and ambitious lol. I am rewatching them though.


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