Expendables 3 Is Going To Be Rated PG-13 Because This World Sucks

When you think Expendables… what do you think? The first things that pop in my head are:

– Stallone
– Arnold
– Bruce Willis
– Steroids
– Blood
– Guns
– Explosions
– Testosterone
– Explosions, Guns, Blood, Testosterone x10000

Expendables is supposed to be THE throwback the 90’s action films. These films were full on testosterone explosions, were rated R, and people loved that shit. The first two Expendables had their issues (#1 tried too hard to be a good movie, #2 didn’t try enough but was fun as shit), but one thing is for sure: they were rated R, shit got exploded, people got exploded, and more important: automatic shot gun.


News hit recently that Expendables 3 will be rated… PG-13. God damnit.

The reason is simple: Money. PG 13 movies simply make more than R rated movies. The world is simply full of a bunch of pussies who can’t handle R rated movies. Don’t send you kids to a movie with guns, muscles, blood, and explosions, but go ahead and let them watch MTV, BET, and the Kardashians.

*sigh*… Fuck this Gay Earth



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