X-Men: Days of Future Past Review


Shadow’s Rating: 10/10–One of the better X-Men, and comic book movies, out there today.

Shadow’s Theater Rating: 10/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 10/10

Worth: Theater ($10) + Blu Ray ($20) = $30

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 91%, 7.6/10
Audience: 95%, 9/10

5 Other Reviews:
Best/Worst Movie Ever
Rorr, ComicBookMovie


Plot in a Nut Shell: The X-Men that are still alive in a world dominated by unstoppable Sentinels send Wolverine’s mind back in time to bring young Xavier out of hiding to stop Mystique from killing Boliver Trask which leads to the horrible future they are in (whew). Unfortunately for everyone, nothing is ever easy when it involves the government, Magneto, Xavier, Mystique, and Wolverine.


Spoiler-Free Thoughts…

– My new order for the X-Men movies: X2, DoFP, First Class, The Wolverine (unrated), X-Men, Origins, The Last Stand. This movie is definitely in that upper class of X-Men movies.

– This was one of the better time traveling movies out there. Easily. The time travel stuff was really really easy to understand. There were not any time paradoxes ala Terminator which makes your brain hurt thinking about it. It didn’t take a masters in calculus to understand. It was simple, they got it across in 60 seconds, and it didn’t bother you the rest of the movie. Well done.

– Focusing on the First Class cast was the right way to go. They essentially focused on First Class but added Wolverine and better action to it. Nicely done.

– While this movie was about saving the future, they decided to make it more personal by really making it about saving Mystique’s/Raven’s soul and bring Xavier back to the Xavier we all know. Which added a whole lot more emotion in the movie instead of simply “stop bad guy Trask.”

– Young Xavier and Magneto were just played so well once again. They add so much emotion to the roles it is just epic to see.

– Wolverine had a MUCH different role in this movie. Instead of being a ball of rage with knives stuck in his hands, he is a mentor and the force that gets Xavier to become Xavier again. And the explanation to why he had to be sent back in time and not someone else was perfect. Plus, once again, somehow Hugh got even more jacked. Good lord, is he hanging out with Stallone?

– Let us talk about the future X-men a bit. I think the new future guys said about 10 words combined lol. They were put into the movie to show off powers and add some action sequences to the movie. The REAL bulk of the movie focuses on young Xavier, young Magneto, young Mystique, Wolverine, and Beast. The future was around just to show off some cool X-men powers and to show how shitty things have gone for everyone because the Sentinels are unstoppable.

– Blink’s powers were SUPER cool on screen. Bishop’s were pretty cool too but Blink definitely stole the show for the new X-men in the future. Warpath was a huge disappointed and Sunspot was essentially Human Torch.

– Like everyone else, I was wrong about Quicksilver. Yes, his costume was dumb as fuck but wow, he stole the show when he was in the movie. That was a very cool way to show off super speed. The Avengers’ version better take some notes because that was awesome.

– The action parts were above average in this movie. Most of the “cool” action scenes were set in the future as those mutants have much more colorful powers than Wolverine, Xavier, Beast, and Mystique. The Quicksilver scene was of course a plus. But, other than Quicksilver, this movie lacked memorable moments action wise. It isn’t like say… Avengers where I could name 5 memorable action scenes in a heartbeat or X2 where the mansion and White House scenes were beyond epic.

– This movie definitely does NOT explain a lot of the continuity issues. For example, explaining how Xavier is back in his body and how Wolverine has adamantium claws. In fact, it even adds some things that could be seen as issues. But, overall, it isn’t distracting and it doesn’t take away from the movie. Fox surely learned its lesson and will stop fucking up stuff now.

– The end credit scene is worth staying for if you were a fan of the comics or cartoon. Otherwise, you will have NO idea what the fuck is happening because it really doesn’t have to do with the movie at all. I have already been messaged/texted by people asking me WTF that had to do with anything lol. It was TOO much of a tease because casuals are 100% confused by it.


Spoiler-Filled Thoughts After the Jump

-Mystique taking Logan was… unexpected and could go in so many ways it makes my head hurt. So does Logan still get adamantium? Is Mystique working for Apocalypse like the cartoon version and Apocalypse coats him in adamantium? Is Mystique just saving him? So many questions.

– Magneto is a huge fucking dick man. Straight up just trying to kill Mystique, doesn’t even really apologize, then just says “cya” to everyone else and tries to kill the President. Damn dude. His power levels are just insane in this movie though.

– Xavier’s arc in this movie was just great to watch, even though the “classic,” super telepathic Xavier wasn’t around much in all actuality. Still a great performance though.

– Quicksilver showed why being a super speedster is so… unfair. Really unfair. Dude knocked out a whole room CASUALLY before Magneto could make metal move with his mind.

– I thought the Xavier walking shit would drive me nuts but it was done well and was a great plot device.

– Them Future Sentinels were BRUTAL man. Holy shit. Literally unstoppable.

– So, everything has pretty much been wiped from existence movie wise. We have a huge gap where Fox can fill in the blanks now (starting with Apocalypse) and they can continue in the future if they really want to with the full cast back. Interesting to see where things go and if they will continue to bounce back and forth into the future and past.


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