Pokemon Update #9: (Re) Gym Badge #4

I’ll get to the update post later, because really, all that matters is battles in Pokemon. So let’s us get back to THE REMATCH OF THE CENTURY!!

Ok, not really. I went to go level grind to get my team in the 30 range. I started with Drillbur because he is the most important one for the electric gym. So, as I am level grinding, I decided to match Zebstrika’s level 32. But as I hit level 31…



I was under the impression it evolved around 34-36. Didn’t see this coming.

On one hand… YES! Gives me a steel type for the team and a massive boost in all stats. On the other hand, Excadrill is weak to fire now which may be a problem. Not sure if he can tank a non-stab flame charge or not.

I boost everyone else up a little bit as well (level 28 and 32 for Pignite) and head back to get my fucking badge.


Gym Battle #3:


Excadril (31)– ground- Dig, Rock Slide, Return, Metal Claw
Pignite (32)- fire/fighting- Flame Charge, Arm Thrust, Return, Work Up
Leavanny (29)– grass/bug- Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Return, Struggle Bug
Flaffy (29)– electric- Thundershock, Thunderwave, Strength, Brick Break


ELESA: Electric type gym leader with 4 Pokemon: Zebstrika, Emolga and two others I didn’t see last time.

– This was a blood bath. I just lead with Exadrill this time. No time for game. Rock Slided Emolga into oblivion and avoided getting paralyzed. Then Zebstrika came. I just said fuck it and left Excadrill in to see if he could tank a flame charge. Instead… Zebstrika used pursuit?? Wut? Did he expect me to switch out? Does the CPU think like that? Anyway, my Dig OHKO it, then OHKO’d Flaffy and then OHKO’d Joltik.

That was easier than I planned.

Winner: Shadow 4-0

MVP: Excadrill with the sweep


– I got TM Volt-Switch which is… relatively useless at the moment. Gave it to Flaffy though since its movepool is terrible.


June 2014 Fish Picture of the Month #2


This is a Midas Cichlid, Amphilophus citrinellus. They are rare but not rare at the same time. The are commonly sold in regular fish stores… except they are not true Midas Cichlids. Typically they are hybrids sold as “Red Devils.” To get a true Midas, a lot of times you need to order them online or get them from really good fish stores.

Pretty fish, but get relatively good sized with a very big attitude with very strong jaws.

Source: http://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/showthread.php?521592-My-first-Midas!&p=6595160&viewfull=1#post6595160

Transformers: Age of Extinction is Out Today?

Can you feel the excitement? Because I cannot.

All I feel is the rage of a billion nerds and reviewers exploding in pain lol.

Honestly, my interest in this movie kind of died. I am not seeing it this weekend. I will probably see it next weekend with my brother when he gets into town. I just don’t feel the urgency to drop everything I am doing to see it.

And I am not a huge Transformers hater. I recognize what the movie is at this point. Explosions. Bad comedy. Robots fighting Robots. Optimus Prime will probably die or almost die like he has in all the other ones. Optimus Prime will kick ass like he has in all the other ones.

Being honest: the movies are dumb as hell. The premise of Transformers all around is dumb as well. Ancient super advanced aliens… hiding as cars? Yeah… But, the robot vs robot fights are entertaining. And as long as they focus on that and not say on college, Sam Witwicky, horrid military, product pushing, moms and dads, and females who cannot act… The movies entertain me. So as long as AoE is more Dark of the Moon and less Revenge of the Fallen, I will be happy.

But it currently has a RT score that is half of Dark of the Moon and in the RotF area. Yikes.

But, being 100% honest, I am going only because of this:








Predator is Being Rebooted??!! Oh Wait, the Internet was Wrong! SEQUEL!

A rumor dropped a couple days ago saying the Predator franchise was being rebooted. REBOOTED!

Reboot = all past continuity is erased. All movies are erased from the Predator world. No AvP (YES!) but also… do Arnold (NOOO!!)

I prepared a huge post bitching about this. It was idiotic. Predator is one of the greatest movies ever. My favorite Arnold movie of all time. And while it is a bit dated in regards to special effects… it still watches well. It is just an awesome, inventive, science fiction movie. It also features one of the most jacked, roided up casts ever assembled.

A reboot would be dumb. You would never capture that magic again. Redoing the first movie would be impossible… Arnold was a “one of a kind” actor (both good and bad). You couldn’t replace the numerous, epic lines in the movie. The movie is simply too iconic.

Thankfully… the rumor turns out to be false. Instead, the movie will be a sequel, a continuation of sorts.

And that would be welcomed. The Predator franchise has been very hit or miss. The first one… an all-timer. #2 was good but not great. AvP and AvPR were both an abomination and should be burned on sight. Predators was an above average movie and set the franchise back in the right direction.

So, will the sequel be a continuation of Predators? Something brand new? Who knows. But at least we know two things:

1- It isn’t a reboot.

2- Predators are back baby!


I, Frankenstein Review

Shadow’s Rating: 2/10– Piss on this boring ass movie, I almost fell asleep. It has no redeeming qualities. Just awful. Sad part is I think it was trying.

Shadow’s Initial Rating: 2/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 0/10

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 4%, 3.2/10
Audience: 41%, 5.8/10


Plot in a Nutshell: A brooding Frankenstein walks around and fights some horrible CGI demons and there are some stupid CGI Gargoyles around too just because. I honestly do not know the plot. Something about Frankestein being soul less or something.


Spoiler FILLED Thoughts, Sorry This Movie Doesn’t Deserve Two Sections…

– This movie was so dumb. Most of it didn’t really make any sense. I mean, come on? God left some gargoyle angel things to fight some devil demon things… because…why? I mean seriously… why? Out of boredom? To  test the angels? I mean… WHY? The entire premise is just ludicrous, and then add a super powered Frankenstein. Right…

– Speaking of Frankenstein… LOL. Wow strong emotion in that character. Was that the point? If so, they exceeded. What a boring ass character. He spent the whole movie brooding, doing dumb stuff, getting his ass kicked by gargoyles, and brooding some more.

– The Gargoyles made no sense. At least the demons had a plan and a competent leader. The Gargoyles? Useless. They spend most of the movie bumbling around not knowing what to do. Their queen.. QUEEN WHO TALKS TO GOD… gets taken by a single demon? Which made some sense until YOU REALIZE SHE CAN TURN INTO A GARGOYLE TOO??! And she gets captured? Huh? And what use was she? She knew NOTHING! She couldn’t get reinforcements. She never talked with God. She was utterly and completely useless.

– The demon’s looked so bad. My god… what horrid imagination and even worse execution.

– This movie never put it in your head that these guys had super strength/speed/anything. It was implied like once, but it was never SHOWN. No bursts of speed. No good slo-mo. No super feats of strength.

– So the demon strong hold was in the same city as the gargoyle castle and like… no one thought it might be a good idea to attack each other? Wut? And the building had the worst security ever since Frankenstein was able to go in and out at will lol.

– I can’t really think of a redeeming quality this movie has. The fights couldn’t have been more generic. The plot was dumb. The characters were dumb. The CGI was C-level stuff. I cannot believe this got made and it attracted some of the actors it attracted. This is Sci-Fi level bad but it isn’t so bad that it is funny. It just sucks the life out of you.

Pokemon Update #8: Gym Badge#4… Getting My Ass Kicked

It has been awhile since I updated. Still playing just very, very slowly. At this time my team hasn’t changed at all. I caught some more Pokemon but nothing exciting. I will update what I have caught next post.

Essentially, I got to Nimbasa City and there isn’t much in the immediate area. Couple “trainer” areas but no grass in the city to find some new Pokemon. There are two exits to the North of the city but I wasn’t really in the mood to explore. So, I just decided to go to the gym and see if I can get my fourth badge before I headed out.

The mentor dude tells me this is an electric-type gym. And… that could pose a problem. For one, electric is a STRONG offensive type… fast and hit fucking hard. For two, that means people are getting paralyzed and the good ol’ computer parahax trick is possibly in effect. For three, my only strong Pokemon against the group is Drilbur, who only really has Dig as an offensive attack. Sure, nothing the electric types have are super effective against me, but I have nothing super effective against them either. At least Leavanny’s grass type resists electric moves as well.

The mentor also mentions that Emolga isn’t effected by ground moves. Which tells me the Gym Leader has an Emolga for sure. That… could pose a problem as flying types completely fuck up half my team. Things are not looking good right now.

I fight the trainers and do it without any issues. I am right in line or a little below their levels, which means I will be badly under leveled for the actual Gym Leader. I also learned I may be in some shit because apparently electric type Blitzle learns fire type move Flame Charge which immediately makes Leavanny worthless and immediately makes it where Drilbur isn’t untouchable now. Once again, I think about heading back and level grinding or finding a suitable counter to Blitzle but say fuck it and head on in…


Gym Battle #3:


Drilbur (29)- ground- Dig, Rock Slide, Return, Metal Claw
Pignite (30)- fire/fighting- Flame Charge, Arm Thrust, Return, Work Up
Leavanny (27)- grass/bug- Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Return, Struggle Bug
Flaffy (23)– electric- Thundershock, Thunderwave, Return, Brick Break


ELESA: Electric type gym leader with 4 Pokemon. The first trainers had Blitzle, Flaafy, and Elekid’s. I know there is an Emolga involved as well. So, that would be my guess. Gym leaders generally have at least one evolved Pokemon as their main guy. I would guess it is Electabuzz or Ampharos.

– I lead with Pignite and she chooses a level 30 Emolga. FUCK. I have no idea of Emolga move set or durability or anything. I really, really doubt I could OHKO it with Flame Charge and I really do not want to find out if it has Aerial Ace. So I switch to Flaafy as a sacrifice more than anything and luckily I did because Emolga did have Aerial Ace. It does nothing to Flaafy at all. I use Thundershock, which does an ok amount of damage as Emolga Aerial Aces again and does nothing. At this point, I just plan on wearing down Emolga enough that I can kill it with Pignite in one hit once Flaafy dies. I go to thundershock Emolga again and Elesa switches…

To a level 32 Zebstrika. Oh fuck. For some reason, I didn’t except the evolved form of Blitzle… I didn’t know it had one. It gets a speed boost from Thundershock as well. Fuck. Flaafy gets blasted and killed. I switch Pignite hoping to at least weaken Zebstrika. I go to Flame Charge and she switches again, to Flaafy, who tanks the hit and paralyzes Pignite to book. Fuck. Pignite gets parahaxed and goes down for the count.

I switch in Drilbur because that is my last real hope at this point. Plus I was pissed and not thinking straight… shoulda went to Leavanny and saved Drilbur. Anyway, I Dig, kill Flaafy and get paralyzed AGAIN. FUCK. So now I am doomed. Zebstrika comes in, blasts Drilbur with Flame Charge and then does the same to Leavanny. The parahax made no difference as I wasn’t surviving any Flame Charge from a Zebstrika that out levels me.

Winner: Elisa 2-0

MVP: Zebstrika and its ridiculous speed and move pool.


Welp, time to go level grind a bit. Getting everyone to 30 should do the trick. And not getting parahaxed might help. Maybe I will find a Pokemon to help deal with Zebstrika as well.

MoS Aquarium Update: I Ain’t Got One

You may or may not have noticed that I have not been posting up much aquarium and fish related stuff. And there is a very good reason for that:

I don’t have a fish tank anymore.

Essentially, I gave it all up. Got sick of setbacks outside of my control (2 broken dream tanks, giving up on some of my dream fish, random fish deaths outside of my control, random fish deaths due to my stupidity). Essentially, I reached I breaking point. I was getting ready to move AGAIN last January and decided I was done.

And I threw it all away in frustration.

Everything. Filters, tanks, lights, stands, pythons, rocks, driftwood, rocks… everything. I thought about selling it and didn’t even want to deal with it.  I was moving to a place with not a lot of storage and I didn’t want to deal with it.

This is literally the first time I have been without a fish tank since I was in the 7th grade when I got my first tank (a 50 gallon). So it has been what… 15 year in July? Holy crap lol.

I am only just now getting the itch again. I have been perusing craigslist looking for any steals (mostly just rip offs though). I slightly regret throwing away the filters and such but moving them would have been a nightmare and I really had no where to store them.

Fish Picture of the Month is coming back. I have been checking the old fish forums I used to visit here and there again. I hope to start doing more in the “Fish to Avoid” series. Plus I have another series in mind titled, “So you have a X gallon tank….”

So, we will see. I have been looking at tanks in the 75 gallon range. I don’t think I could go back to a 50 gallon (the bump from 13 inch width to 18 inches is huge and opens up a lot of possibilities) but I do not think I want to go back to a 6′ tank yet. Plus, I don’t know where I would put something that big.

Why Momoa Being Cast as Aquaman is Awesome


It has been rumored for awhile that Jason Mamoa was attached to some DC property. First rumors were he was cast as Aquaman. Then it was Black Adam. And now, it has been all but confirmed he is going to be Aquaman in both Dawn of Justice and the Justice League movie.

Aquaman has become my favorite DC hero, thanks in large part to the New 52 Aquaman run, which has been awesome and the only book I have kept up with over at DC. As an Aquaman fan, I love this casting for a two reasons…

1) He will be THE biggest and most intimidating Justice League member

– We know Momoa can look intimidating. This is the man that played both Drogo and Conan the Barbarian. He is 6’4 (taller than Cavill, same height as Ben) and we know he can pack on muscle. People have been gawking at the “huge” Batfleck (and he isn’t even big, come on people) but no matter what Ben or Henry do, they will no be able to pack on mass like this…

momoa_conan_610 Momoa-Conan

Now Momoa is no The Rock or Arnold but at 6’4, he will be taller than Cavill and bigger than no suit Batfleck.

The second reason after the jump…

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The New Shredder is… ROFL Bad

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is all sorts of odd. For one, it is being produced? advised? by one Michael Bay which is always cause for concerns. For two, Megan Fox is in the movie which is just… ARG. And for some reason, Shredder, whose real name is Oroku Saki, is… a white guy. Because… America.

But… whatever. I loved the TMNT as a kid. I loved the cartoon. I loved the toys. I even loved the first two movies (as a kid lol). So, I will not give up hope. But…

We have gotten some glimpses of classic Shredder but now we have a full on front shot and well… well…



My god this looks ridiculous. Shredder’s design isn’t that complicated. Why are there so many blades? Why does he have 10 kitchen knives for hands? WHAT IS THIS???

To give you an idea how stupid this design is, let us look at some different designs for Shredder after the jump…

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