Easy Comics To Jump On To: Magneto

Comic books can be notoriously hard to jump into thanks to the rather large history of the characters.  I actually don’t think this is true with the invention of Wikipedia and the internet but many people still have this view and avoid comic books because of it.

So, this series of posts will help those people who may have a passing interest in jumping into the comic book world, but because of the thousands of previous comics, don’t know where they can easily start. All the comics in this series are extremely easy to jump on to with just the little bit of information I provide in these posts. Plus… they are pretty good comic books so far.


Comic Book: Magneto (vol 3)

Start Date: March 2014

Current Issue #: 5

Basic Plot: Magneto (who is technically a good guy now) is hunting those who are hurting/killing mutants and well… killing them. Think the Nazi hunter from the X-Men: First Class movie and expand that to everyone who kills mutants.

Important Background Information:

– Magneto is currently part of Cyclop’s team of revolutionary X-men along with the likes of Emma Frost, the Cuckoos, Magik, and a bunch of new mutants. Occasionally the time displaced Original 5 show up along with Kitty Pryde but they are not important. However, in this book, only Magneto has shown up.

– Magneto’s powers are broken right now. Meaning, he isn’t nearly as powerful as he used to be. At his peak, he could stabilize the tetonic plates during an Earthquake among other things. Due to the Phoenix Force screwing with his powers (it was never explained) he is reduced to simply moving small metal, similar to his portrayal in the X-Men: First Class movie in the beginning.


And that is all you need to know. Really simple actually and this book has been pretty damn good so far. Read it to watch Magneto kill some bad guys essentially.




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