Edge of Tomorrow Review

Shadow’s Rating: 7/10– Solid, entertaining movie that is worth at least one theater visit

Shadow’s Theater Rating: 9/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 6/10

Worth: Theater ($12) = $12

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 90%, 7.4/10
Audience: 92%, 8.4/10

One Other Review:
Screen Rant


Plot in a Nut Shell: The world is at War with an alien force called Mimics. Tom Cruise ends up on the front lines in the final assault on the alien horde, and dies… but wakes up 24 hours earlier. And it happens again. And again. And again until he teams up with Emily Blunt to try and find a way to stop it and win the war.


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– I don’t like Tom Cruise. I generally don’t like any of his movies. I don’t even like the Mission Impossible movies and haven’t even seen the last one which is supposed to be great. He just isn’t my cup of tea… but he was pretty tolerable and good in this.

– This movie sufficiently entertained me. The only reason I went was because I have been sick and bored out of my mind so I wanted to get out of the house. But the movie had solid action, solid plot, solid humor, ect. It was just solid all around with no glaring weaknesses.

– For a time travel movie, this had easy to understand time travel without a lot of time paradoxes that make your head hurt. Man, that is two time travel movies in row that weren’t a mess! Did they explain every little detail about the time travel? No… but it was enough to explain what the F was going on but not so much that it bogged down the movie.

– The Mimics had some pretty cool details about them but I found the design of the “minion” mimics to be uninspiring and very “Matrix” like. The Alpha mimics were pretty cool though.

– Not a lot to say really. Just a solid, good movie.


Spoiler Filled Thoughts After the Jump…

– There are two possibilities when it comes to the ending IMO…

1) The Happy Ending- Cruise absorbs the Omega’s blood and essentially took its place in time (like he took the Alpha’s place in time earlier) and everything is as awesome as it seems. Cruise went back earlier in time than before because you have to remember it was the day BEFORE the invasion that they killed the Omega.


2) The Sad Ending- This is all another game from the Omega Mimic. It was mentioned before how it uses the time travel to lure people into a false sense of hope (this last big invasion after the “defeat” at Verdonne earlier). The Omega Mimic actually used Cruise to go back in and reset its own destruction. It gives the humans a false sense that they have one… only to put them down for good later.

– The plane scene to make it inside to the Omega seemed like a direct rip off of the Matrix Evolution scene to get into Robot City.


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