My Updated Comic Book Pull List


Here is my current pull list. Marvel comics, other than X-Men, is really really killing it right now. DC’s events are so bad I am still just down to one title.


My Favorites…

Loki: Agent of Asgard– Loki gonna Loki and this has been more Loki greatness.
Magneto- Simple, brutal, and effective book.
Mighty Avengers– Just an all around awesome comic book focusing on some less known characters like Luke Cage, Blade, and Blue Marvel.
New Avengers/Avengers- It is horribly decompressed but with both titles kind of coming together now, it SHOULD pick up the pace soon.
Original Sin- Marvel’s newest event has been set up well… it just needs to pay off now.
Punisher- Punishing in LA.
Thor: God of Thunder– Goes from Epic to Great and never drops below that. Easily, the most consistently awesome book Marvel has right now.
Uncanny Avengers- The first mega-arc seems to be coming to a close and has been classic, awesome, Remender action.

The rest after the jump…

The Good…

All New Invaders- First arc was good… let us see if they can keep it up.
Amazing Spider-Man
– Solid as always, I miss Superior Spider-Man though.
Aquaman- Seems a bit… aimless or something since Johns left but it is still the only DC book I read.
Avengers World- Avengers book focusing on the lesser known characters and small teams. Has been a pleasant surprise.
Captain America– One of the better Captain America runs IMO. It seems to be heading in a familiar place which I hope Remender can put his own touch on it though.
Daredevil- Typical, solid Dardevil.
Savage Wolverine- Classic stories with the classic (better) Wolverine.
Thunderbolts- Just good comic book fun. It doesn’t feel important but it doesn’t matter.
Uncanny X-Force– The art is weird but this book has been intriguing since the get go. If the art was better it would probably be up in the next category.
Wolverine- This is far from a great Wolverine book… but I like the character and he is on the path to death so, still reading.


Barely Hanging In there…

Amazing X-Men- The X-Men books seems so lost right now. 
Guardians of the Galaxy-
Nothing seems to be happening, just like Uncanny X-Men.
Inhuman- It comes out so infrequently that it has lost all momentum and it almost doesn’t feel worth the effort anymore.
Nightcrawler- One of my favorite characters but I am just not feeling it right now. Seems totally pointless.
Uncanny X-Men- I am just getting kind of bored with the decompression and supposed Revolution that isn’t going anyway or broken powers that still are not explained. Maybe i am just getting sick of Bendis writing style.


Books I Gave Up On…

All New X-Factor- The addition of Gambit just wasn’t enough to make me give a fuck.
All New X-Men- Typical Bendis stuff with a bunch of characters I do not like.


Books I Am Considering…

Batman Eternal
The Legendary Star-Lord
Rocket Raccoon
Savage Hulk


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