Warner Bros/DC Rumored Release Schedule Boggles My Mind


A rumor dropped about a possible release schedule for DC’s comic book movies and well… it is something to behold. But, before we get there, let us remember that, 1) there has been no official announcement and 2) the internet lies.

So let us look at this supposed schedule.


May: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice
– First off, worst title ever. Second, we know this movie is confirmed (but we actually do not know if it is confirmed for May due to being on the SAME DAY AS CAPTAIN AMERICA 3!). So, off to a good start.

July: Shazam
– Wait, wut? There are two things here: a studio that has reservations about releasing anything non Superman or Batman related is just going to jump straight to SHAZAM? A kid who has a wizard inside of him and such? Shazam before more popular characters such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, reboot Green Lantern, and Aquaman? That barely seems believable. The second thing is… if this July date is true, we should be hearing stuff about this movie like… yesterday. Look at Dawn of Justice… we know the cast, seen the Batmobile, seen the Batsuit, seen set photos, ect. All we have heard about a possible Shazam movie is maybe the Rock and Jason Mamoa are involved. This seems highly, highly unlikely at this point.

December: Sandman
– I believe this is pretty much in the books as well. And even though it is under the DC comics umbrella, it really isn’t associated with the likes of Superman, Batman, Justice League, ect. So, it really has no bearing on the overall DC shared universe… it is just a stand alone, lower budget comic book movie in reality.



May: Justice League
– A very quick turn around from the Justice League prequel (Dawn of Justice) but I guess it could be plausible. We know this movie is coming, we just are not sure of the when.

July: Wonder Woman
– If you are scared of doing a Wonder Woman movie (for some dumb reason), then I guess dropping the movie right after Justice League is the best time to do it. But it is sad DC is treating Wonder Woman like she is god damn Ant Man

December: Flash/Green Lantern
– So wait, WB/DC is going to go from one movie ever couple years to busting out THREE big budget, high profile movies in a year?



May: Man of Steel 2
– Seems plausible eventually but 3 doses of superman in 2 years is A LOT. This would be more believable if it was Batman to be honest.


Overall Thoughts

– This a very, very heavy output of big budget movies from a studio that has been very hesitant to do anything that doesn’t involve Batman or Superman. So for them to go from being that hesitant to jumping straight into Shazam, Wonder Woman, and Flash instantly seems… illogical.

– If DC is really going to go ahead with 3 movies a year… to go along with Marvel’s two movies a year and Fox’s movie every year and Spider-Man franchise nearly every year…. that is 7 comic book movies A YEAR. I LOVE comic book movies and that may even be too much for me. So what is the general public going to think? Will they only settle for the best of the best (meaning, Captain America and Days of Future Past Quality) while the “meh” ones (Spider-Man 2) start going to the wayside and losing money? Does sit mean they will only care about the BIG movies (which right now means anything from Marvel studios, Superman, Batman, Justice League) and ignore the small guys (Shazam? Sandman? Guardians? Ant-Man? Sinister 6?)? Does it mean they will just stop giving a fuck all together? Or does it mean comic book movies have completely replaced sci-fi and are THE leader in the industry? I guess we might find out.

– The biggest thing that makes me think this is all bullshit… No Batman movie. Batman IS DC/WB cash cow. The only consistent, proven box office draw on their comic book side. And Shazam, Sandman, and company are getting a solo before him? Really?

I will believe all of this when I see WB announce it and not start pushing movies back. WB is a very large studio (with a lot of chefs as well though) and could pull it off better than tiny Marvel Studios. But, can they deliver the goods? Great comic book movies in a shared universe? Or will they be a bunch of ‘meh’ ala the current Spider-Man universe?

We shall see.


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