Why Momoa Being Cast as Aquaman is Awesome


It has been rumored for awhile that Jason Mamoa was attached to some DC property. First rumors were he was cast as Aquaman. Then it was Black Adam. And now, it has been all but confirmed he is going to be Aquaman in both Dawn of Justice and the Justice League movie.

Aquaman has become my favorite DC hero, thanks in large part to the New 52 Aquaman run, which has been awesome and the only book I have kept up with over at DC. As an Aquaman fan, I love this casting for a two reasons…

1) He will be THE biggest and most intimidating Justice League member

– We know Momoa can look intimidating. This is the man that played both Drogo and Conan the Barbarian. He is 6’4 (taller than Cavill, same height as Ben) and we know he can pack on muscle. People have been gawking at the “huge” Batfleck (and he isn’t even big, come on people) but no matter what Ben or Henry do, they will no be able to pack on mass like this…

momoa_conan_610 Momoa-Conan

Now Momoa is no The Rock or Arnold but at 6’4, he will be taller than Cavill and bigger than no suit Batfleck.

The second reason after the jump…

2) He will be 100% bad ass

– Momoa as mentioned he doesn’t want to be type casted but let us be honest for a second: the only big roles he has played are big scary Drogo, big scary Conan the Barnarian, and big scary dude in Bullet to the Head. He was also rumored to be the front runner to play big scary Drax the Destroyer.

He may not like it, but in Hollywood right now, he plays big, scary, intimidating dudes. And guess what… he is going to be a big, scary, intimidating King of Atlantis.

And Aquaman NEEDS that. Thanks to the Justice League cartoon, older comics, and Family Guy, Aquaman comes off as one of the shittiest heroes out there. Most people know him as the, “guy who talks to fish” and that is it. They don’t realize he has super strength. They don’t realize he is a KING. They don’t realize his current comic book is awesome. They don’t realize having a telepathic communication to fish can look like this…


So, Aquaman needs a big, scary, intimidating, bad ass to play him to get him instant credibility on screen and helps dump the “wimpy out of water with stupid powers” stereotype.


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