I, Frankenstein Review

Shadow’s Rating: 2/10– Piss on this boring ass movie, I almost fell asleep. It has no redeeming qualities. Just awful. Sad part is I think it was trying.

Shadow’s Initial Rating: 2/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 0/10

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 4%, 3.2/10
Audience: 41%, 5.8/10


Plot in a Nutshell: A brooding Frankenstein walks around and fights some horrible CGI demons and there are some stupid CGI Gargoyles around too just because. I honestly do not know the plot. Something about Frankestein being soul less or something.


Spoiler FILLED Thoughts, Sorry This Movie Doesn’t Deserve Two Sections…

– This movie was so dumb. Most of it didn’t really make any sense. I mean, come on? God left some gargoyle angel things to fight some devil demon things… because…why? I mean seriously… why? Out of boredom? To  test the angels? I mean… WHY? The entire premise is just ludicrous, and then add a super powered Frankenstein. Right…

– Speaking of Frankenstein… LOL. Wow strong emotion in that character. Was that the point? If so, they exceeded. What a boring ass character. He spent the whole movie brooding, doing dumb stuff, getting his ass kicked by gargoyles, and brooding some more.

– The Gargoyles made no sense. At least the demons had a plan and a competent leader. The Gargoyles? Useless. They spend most of the movie bumbling around not knowing what to do. Their queen.. QUEEN WHO TALKS TO GOD… gets taken by a single demon? Which made some sense until YOU REALIZE SHE CAN TURN INTO A GARGOYLE TOO??! And she gets captured? Huh? And what use was she? She knew NOTHING! She couldn’t get reinforcements. She never talked with God. She was utterly and completely useless.

– The demon’s looked so bad. My god… what horrid imagination and even worse execution.

– This movie never put it in your head that these guys had super strength/speed/anything. It was implied like once, but it was never SHOWN. No bursts of speed. No good slo-mo. No super feats of strength.

– So the demon strong hold was in the same city as the gargoyle castle and like… no one thought it might be a good idea to attack each other? Wut? And the building had the worst security ever since Frankenstein was able to go in and out at will lol.

– I can’t really think of a redeeming quality this movie has. The fights couldn’t have been more generic. The plot was dumb. The characters were dumb. The CGI was C-level stuff. I cannot believe this got made and it attracted some of the actors it attracted. This is Sci-Fi level bad but it isn’t so bad that it is funny. It just sucks the life out of you.


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