Predator is Being Rebooted??!! Oh Wait, the Internet was Wrong! SEQUEL!

A rumor dropped a couple days ago saying the Predator franchise was being rebooted. REBOOTED!

Reboot = all past continuity is erased. All movies are erased from the Predator world. No AvP (YES!) but also… do Arnold (NOOO!!)

I prepared a huge post bitching about this. It was idiotic. Predator is one of the greatest movies ever. My favorite Arnold movie of all time. And while it is a bit dated in regards to special effects… it still watches well. It is just an awesome, inventive, science fiction movie. It also features one of the most jacked, roided up casts ever assembled.

A reboot would be dumb. You would never capture that magic again. Redoing the first movie would be impossible… Arnold was a “one of a kind” actor (both good and bad). You couldn’t replace the numerous, epic lines in the movie. The movie is simply too iconic.

Thankfully… the rumor turns out to be false. Instead, the movie will be a sequel, a continuation of sorts.

And that would be welcomed. The Predator franchise has been very hit or miss. The first one… an all-timer. #2 was good but not great. AvP and AvPR were both an abomination and should be burned on sight. Predators was an above average movie and set the franchise back in the right direction.

So, will the sequel be a continuation of Predators? Something brand new? Who knows. But at least we know two things:

1- It isn’t a reboot.

2- Predators are back baby!



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