Pokemon Update #9: (Re) Gym Badge #4

I’ll get to the update post later, because really, all that matters is battles in Pokemon. So let’s us get back to THE REMATCH OF THE CENTURY!!

Ok, not really. I went to go level grind to get my team in the 30 range. I started with Drillbur because he is the most important one for the electric gym. So, as I am level grinding, I decided to match Zebstrika’s level 32. But as I hit level 31…



I was under the impression it evolved around 34-36. Didn’t see this coming.

On one hand… YES! Gives me a steel type for the team and a massive boost in all stats. On the other hand, Excadrill is weak to fire now which may be a problem. Not sure if he can tank a non-stab flame charge or not.

I boost everyone else up a little bit as well (level 28 and 32 for Pignite) and head back to get my fucking badge.


Gym Battle #3:


Excadril (31)– ground- Dig, Rock Slide, Return, Metal Claw
Pignite (32)- fire/fighting- Flame Charge, Arm Thrust, Return, Work Up
Leavanny (29)– grass/bug- Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Return, Struggle Bug
Flaffy (29)– electric- Thundershock, Thunderwave, Strength, Brick Break


ELESA: Electric type gym leader with 4 Pokemon: Zebstrika, Emolga and two others I didn’t see last time.

– This was a blood bath. I just lead with Exadrill this time. No time for game. Rock Slided Emolga into oblivion and avoided getting paralyzed. Then Zebstrika came. I just said fuck it and left Excadrill in to see if he could tank a flame charge. Instead… Zebstrika used pursuit?? Wut? Did he expect me to switch out? Does the CPU think like that? Anyway, my Dig OHKO it, then OHKO’d Flaffy and then OHKO’d Joltik.

That was easier than I planned.

Winner: Shadow 4-0

MVP: Excadrill with the sweep


– I got TM Volt-Switch which is… relatively useless at the moment. Gave it to Flaffy though since its movepool is terrible.


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