August 2014 Movie Preview

August is surprisingly solid, at least in the theaters. It is anchored by my #2 most anticipated movie of the year in Guardians of the Galaxy but also sports Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and another Expendables. The Home and Red Box releases are downright pitiful though, with nothing reaching the “must buy” category.

Best Theater Release: Guardians of the Galaxy
Best Home Release: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Best Red Box Release: The Amazing Spider-Man 2





Guardians of the Galaxy

Date: August 1

Verdict: FUCK YES! So excited, this movie looks fun as hell and the reviews have been more than solid.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Date: August 8

Verdict: Unless the reviews are just terrible, I will see it opening weekend.


Expendables 3

Date: August 15

Verdict: I really don’t know. I was excited for this movie as it is a throw back and they added awesomeness like Snipes and Mel Gibson… and then they put a PG 13 rating on it which is just fucking annoying. Way to piss off your fan base guys. Probably wait until it shows up in the cheap theater at this point.


Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Date: August 22

Verdict: I never saw the first one… and holy long title Batman.


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Getting Back into Fish Keeping #3: Found an Aquarium!

So, I ended up getting the last 90 gallon set up that I mentioned.

The add said 90 gallon tank, black stand, black canopy, and glass tops which is what I was looking for at a bare minimum.

I got to these dudes place and it is two tatted up Asian dudes. Aww fuck, I am about to be stabbed and robbed over a fucking fish tank. Turns out they were just two big fish nerds who ended up showing me there African Cichlid tanks.

Get the fucker loaded up into the uhaul van and to my surprise, a light ended up coming with the tank as well. It is a HO T5 48″ set up which are not cheap. Unfortunately, ones one of the lights works but for a free light who gives a shit? It will work for now until I can afford the light I want. Lights are one of the most expensive things about setting up a big tank so it was a nice added bonus.


So I get the tank back, my wife helps me carry it (STRONG MANE). It ended up going in front of a window, which is usually suicide but we put black out shades on the widow which should stop the crazy algae growth.

There are a few things that need fixed: the stand and tank need touched up a tad with some black paint. I need to put some sort of child lock on the doors.

The one thing that does bother me is the glass tops don’t really fit? They are too big… I don’t know how that happened or if I got gipped or what? If I didn’t the half light I would be pretty pissed but the light made up for it.


Now time to put some water in it and see if it holds. I have a filter on the way from Amazon (AC110) and I need to go buy Prime and Stability to dechlorinate and cycle the take respectively.



Hercules (2014) Review

Shadow’s Overall Rating: 7/10– I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was pleasantly surprised by the overall plot and the mythical stuff added in. While it doesn’t break any new, crazy ground, it is fun and lacks cringe worthy moments that tend to bring down movies like this.

Shadow’s Theater Rating: 7/10
Shadow’s Re-Watchability Rating: 7/10

Worth: Matinee Threater ($7) + Used DVD ($10) = $17

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 62%, 5.3/10
Audience: 65%, 7.2/10


Plot in a Nut Shell: This is Hercules after the Labors, where him and a group of warriors are now mercenaries, doing jobs for gold. He is hired by a King to train his army but not everything is as it seems. Is Hercules a man or a legendary demi-god?


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– Talk about being totally caught off guard. The trailers show you NOTHING of importance. Zip, nada, zilch. The movie is MUCH more interesting than the trailers make it seem. Much less cliche.

– This might be spoiler territory but it gives it away within 5 minutes of the movie so I will touch on it because it is very important IMO: a lot of the movie has to deal with whether Hercules is THE HERCULES you know from the mythology. The demi-god son of Zeus slayer of monsters haunted by Hera. Is he that person… or he is just a great warrior with a legend behind his feats that has beat exaggerated to the point where people think he is a god? It is a great aspect of the movie and totally unexpected and MADE the movie in my opinion. Made it much more interesting than the standard sword and sandals movie.

– The Rock killed it as Hercules. Not just his acting, which is your standard Rock stuff, but he was fucking HUGE. Literally massive. I dare say it is the biggest portrayal of any movie hero since… the days of Arnold? Even his quads were massive. The Rock is single handedly trying to bring back the roided out alpha male hero.

– The action was above average although nothing ground breaking. Some of the stuff Hercules did was “LOL FUCK YEAH MANE!” and there was enough action in the movie to keep the movie moving briskly.

– This movie DOES NOT focus on the 12 labors, at least not how you think. The stuff from the trailers happens in the first 5 minutes of the movie.

– The secondary mercenary killers were ok. Nothing too crazy unless they begin talking about Hercules and then it adds some more depth to them. They were adequate and each enjoyed their own action moment.


Spoiler Filled Thoughts After the Jump…

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MoS Musings #42: Lack of Posts Due to Moving Again

– The blog has been deader than normal due to the fact I have been extremely busy moving for the second time in 8 months. Also, due to the move, I don’t have full internet access at the house yet, so I am unable to make posts are home. So, combine that with being really busy at work and the blog as been short changed a bit.

– For awhile there, I was “chasing’ larger and larger viewing numbers. Trying to make posts as soon as “something” happens ala like the Momoa Aquaman news. This isn’t that type of site. I would like to be a bit more timely with my movie reviews but other than that… I post shit when I post shit and I don’t really care if posting it earlier would get me 100 more views.

– That is all I got. Expect more fish stuff soon, pokemon update, and comic book stuff soonish.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Review

Shadow’s Rating: 9/10– Even better than the first movie and a bit different than you might expect.

Shadow’s Theater Rating: 9/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 9/10

Worth: Theater ($14) + Blu Ray ($18) = $32

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 91%, 8/10
Audience: 93%, 9/10

4 Other Reviews:
ScreenRant 4.5/5
SchmoesKnows 5/5
DanTheMan 8.5/10 


Plot in a Nutshell: Caesar is leading his “tribe” of apes out in the forest in perfect peace and harmony. And then some humans show up. And show up again. Koba is not happy about this. Perfect peace and harmony go away because of apes and humans. Oh and … APES ON HORSES.


Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– The mo-cap performances are just as good as everyone has said. This technology is really amazing. You really don’t think of any of the apes as “cgi…” you just see the as actors. Truly awesome.

– In particular, the performances of Koba and Caesar are award winning awesome stuff. Speaking of Caesar and Koba, all of their actions seem justified. You feel bad for Koba for a long time until he makes the inevitable full villain turn. Both of them have solid points throughout the film until shit hits the fan. I thought Caesar was too forgiving at times and that he was a bit too stubborn about humans. And Koba was the exact opposite. So it made for some nice interactions and a great story.

– And don’t get it twisted: this movie is really about Caesar and Koba. The humans are in the movie as pawns for that story line.

– The human actors were adequate. I found all of their motivations to be on point and nothing ridiculous. Even Oldman, who is easily supposed to be the “human bad guy” came across was understandable. There was no mustache twirling, black and white, evil, bad guy in this movie.

– I found the story line engaging all the way through. Kept me on the edge of my seat for the first minute to the very last. The movie takes some interesting twists and turns throughout. It isn’t as straightforward as it seems in the trailers really.

– The action was probably the weakest part of the movie, which speaks more on how strong the story was more so on the action lacking. The big, ape vs human set piece was a little bit of a let down IMO. Seemed to go by faster than I would of liked and wasn’t quite as cool as I was hoping. I did love the climax at the end however. ]

– Overall, this is the best movie of the summer and probably in the top 3 overall right now this year. A must see for sure, especially if you enjoyed Rise.


Spoiler Filled Thoughts after the Jump…

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Getting Back to Fish Keeping #2: Craigslist Woes

People on Craigslist must not like money.

After striking out on looking for ads, I just decided to put a “wanted” add on Craigslist. My add stated I was looking for a 75-150 gallon aquarium with a stand and glass tops. I also stated that if interested, send me tank dimensions and a picture of the tank and anything else it comes with.

And it worked! I started getting emails the very next day! But, let us take a look at the emails…

#1: hey I got a large tank! Are you interested?
– Notice, that this email tells me nothing. Large is very, very relative. As my wife what is large and she will say 30 gallons. Go to and they will say 500+. I reply back asking for dimensions, how much it cost, ect
#1: Oh sorry! it is 36 inches by 12 inches! A beautiful tank! What do you think it is worth?
– AND, that is why you ask for dimensions. That is a 30ish gallon tank. I tell her that is a bit small for me but thanks for your interest.
#1: Oh sorry! My daughter has another tank she is trying to get rid of, I will ask her how big it is!
– I never got another response back. Meh, oh well, never  got my hopes up on that one.

#2: I got a tank for $250. (Gives dimensions for a 125). Interested? My number is (enter number)
– Yep, interested. Emailed back and forth trying to get a picture but keeps saying the tank is at his GF’s house. Ok whatever, just get the picture.
#2: Tank is at my GFs I will send a picture.
– Then… no response. Well fuck. So I text the number he gave me…
#2: Who is this? I don’t have a tank available.
– FUCK. WTF? Apparently it is the wrong number? What is going on here. I email him back asking what the fuck is going on.
#2: Yes this is a real ad. Hey, you can just come back the place and look at the tank.
– Umm… what? In this age when everyone has a camera phone… you want me to just show up and look at the tank instead? No thanks Jeff, I don’t like being raped. ABORT.

#3: Hey man, it is your lucky day. I have a 90 gallon tank full set up for $100 I just need it out this weekend
– Yep, sure, send me a pic and I can have it out.
#3: No response, never here from him again. wtf?

I had one promising one in the middle of a bunch of crap. The guy emailed me, I texted him, he sent me a picture back, looks nice, exactly what I was looking for. Cost is $250, which isn’t too bad. Told him I could pick it up the weekend of the 4th and then… he went no contact on me.

I am not sure if he is just busy or what? I still have hope for this one so we will see.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Initial Reaction

Very, very good movie. Best movie of the summer so far (Cap2 was in April).

Went in a little different direction than I expected. I expected a pretty straight forward plot from the trailers but it tooks some turns here and there that kept me guessing.

Well done. 9/10 most likely. For an action junkie like me, it needed a bit more, hence the 9 instead of 10. But the non-action parts were phenomenal.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is Out Today!



I am stoked. This is one of my most anticipated movie of the year (came in at #7, which is a testament to the strong movies this year, not a testament on this movie. Ok, I may have messed up 300 a bit lol. You can check out the top 10 here:

Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a solid 8/10 for me (you can find that review here: Everything about this movie screams it could be a 10/10, best movie of the summer contention (with Cap 2 at the moment). The reviews so far have all been amazing and I get more and more excited by the minute.

I should be able to see it this weekend.



Transformers: Age of Extinction Review

Shadow’s Rating: 5/10– Not as good as Dark of the Moon. Not quite as bad as Revenge of the Fallen. Closer to the latter though unfortunately.

Shadow’s Theater Rating: 6/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 4/10, it is just soooo long.

Worth: Matinee ($6) + used Blu-ray to complete collection ($14) = $20

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 18%, 3.9/10
Audience: 58%, 6.8/10


Plot in a Nutshell: It is literally the same as the other three movies. So, take the other three movies and add in the government is hunting Transformers and a pinch of Dinobots and substitute Wahlberg for Shia. Seriously, it is the same basic movie.

Spoiler Free Thoughts…


– Time to echo every single person who saw this movie: This thing is entirely too long. WAAAAAAY too long. And I love long movies. But this is HARD to get through. So much of it was useless to the main plot. You take the shit that matters and cut out the crap and you have an entertaining 1:40 movie. Not 2:40 minutes of bloated mess.

– Do not get too excited about the Dinobots. They are in the best part of the movie… too bad it was near the very end and quite short. Really disappointing to be honest.

– Mark was a serious upgrade over Shia. HUGE.

– But all the other human characters felt… annoying. And useless. And there were SO MANY OF THEM. I don’t know why Bay continues to do this. The movie doesn’t need grounded. m

– The new Autobots do not really compare with the old ones at all IMO. They tried to give them personalities but it didn’t really work. Only the Fat one and Bumblebee did anything.

– The action was ok (with the Transformers anyway). I don’t think it matched Dark of the Moon or the Optimus Prime action in Revenge fo the Fallen though. I think, at this point, you have just seen everything so it just feels kinda stale.

– Honestly, there isn’t much to talk or bitch about at this point. If you like the Transformers movies, then you should probably go see it. It isn’t the best installment but it isn’t the worst either. If you didn’t enjoy the previous 3, you will hate this one as well. It is the same shit, different day.


Spoiler Filled Thoughts After The Jump…

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